Mapei Mapeproof ESM, 2-Component Wood Floor Moisture Barier 4 kg

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Mapei Mapeproof ESM is a two-component, solvent-free, one or two-coat pure epoxy resin, used as a moisture barrier on cement-based substrates with residual or static moisture. A low viscosity product with a high penetration capacity in the porosity of the substrate. Very low odour, ideal for use
in inhabited areas, hospitals, schools, etc.

The components should not be mixed until the application is ready to start, and should be applied as soon as mixing is completed. The two components are supplied in pre-measured ratios: part A: 3 parts by weight; part B: 1 part by weight. Mix the two components completely and accurately with a low-speed mixer until a uniform mix is obtained

CONSUMPTION: 20m2 per 4kg unit. 5m2 per 1kg.
APPLICATION: roller or brush.

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