Lecol Adhesive PVAC, 0.75 kg

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 CODE: 113333


Lecol PVAC Adhesive is a joint adhesive for floating floors. Great general purpose wood adhesive.

 i.e. glueing the tongue and groove together

Especially suitable for glueing laminate and floor elements.

The glue should be applied at room temperature (20 degrees C) to the groove from end to end. Press the panels together firmly to ensure a tight fit. Use a wooden block to prevent damage to the tongue.

The open time of Lecol PVAC glue is approx 5-7 minutes, depending on the temperature.

The average drying time of the glue is about 30 minutes. Excess glue should be removed immediately with a trowel before it dries.

Open containers should be resealed immediately and stored correctly.

Lecol PVAC glue is water-based dispersion glue which guarantees a durable adhesion.




Adhesives Specification
Component Base Quick polyvinylacetate based glue and has high shear strength.
Storage & Transportation Do not use at a temperature below +10 ° C, Do not store below +5 ° C, Protect from frost.
Shelf Life Shelf life approx 6 months..
Cleaning The tools can be cleaned with water, dried glue with acetone
Other Features Do not use below + 20° C or above 65% relative air humidity. During cold weather periods warm up
Drying Time 30 minutes
Code 113333

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