SikaMur InjectoCream DPM 100, 600 ml

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SikaMur InjectoCream 100 is a new concept for the control of rising damp. A simple application gun is used to inject the cream into a series od holes drilled into a mortar course.

Once injected to the mortar course, the sikamur injecto cream 100 will diffuse within the damp wall to form a water repellent barrier ie a damp-proof course, Damp Proof Course DPC and block future rising damp.

SikaMur InjectoCream 100 is a water repellent, silane-based emulsion. Also suitable for injecting into problem areas of damp such as areas around chimneys stone cills etc.

Can be used with a 5.5 mm approx. internal bore hose external is normally 8 mm.

  • fast and easy to install
  • one component
  • no need for preliminary watertight sealing around the injections holes
  • quick and consistent application
  • easy to calculate the amount of material required
  • does not require a special, expensive pump
  • spillage and mess virtually eliminated from the site no problem with fluids



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