Junckers Proline Microfiber Roller, 25 cm

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 CODE: 290126


Junckers Proline microfiber roller (formerly premium aqua roller) is used for water-based lacquers. Applying a finish is quick and easy with this roller. 

  • Proline microfibre roller, specifically made for water-based lacquers
  • Gives a superior all-round performance, releasing the lacquer more smoothly giving a fine smooth finish
  • Produces a perfect job every time.
  • Made from advanced Polyamide Microfibre for superb all-round performance at a great price
  • Polyester fabric

The usual roller handle (of Junckers Premium Aqua Roller) can be used for this one.

Width: 25 cm

Core: 48 mm

Pile length: 11 mm