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Kahrs Lava Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, Lacquered

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    Kahrs Lava Oak Engineered Wood Flooring is high quality engineered wood flooring from KahrsHarmony Collection, sealed in lacquer finish.

    Kahrs Harmony Collection presents a selection of three-strip stained floors featuring rustic grain patterns. All of the floorings from this range are suitable for both domestic and commercial areas and have 30 years domestic guarantee from Kahrs.

    This Kahrs flooring allows floating installation method and Woodloc 5S joint system. Thankfully to the unique construction of the engineered flooring - 3.5 mm top layer and 15 mm thickness - this flooring provides stability, solidness, moisture resistance and perfect thermal properties. It allows to be installed above underfloor heating systems.

    Oak is extremely durable timber with warm colour making it exceptionally suitable for flooring. This Lava Oak has dark colour, it is brushed and sealed in lacquer finish. The sealant completes the home space and adds shiny look to the surface.

    This Rustic grade flooring has a characteristic natural look with substantial colour and structural graining variation between the planks. Rustic grade is also characterised by medium sized knots, more hairline splits and some sapwood.

  • Wood Floor Specification
    Product Range Harmony Collection
    Colour Brown
    Strip 3-Strip
    Wood Type Oak
    Top Layer 3.5 mm
    Grade Rustic
    Sealant Finish Lacquered
    Texture Brushed
    Installation Method Floating
    Profile Square Edge
    Width 200 mm
    Length 2423 mm
    Thickness 15 mm
    Joint System Woodloc 5S

  • Background

    Kährs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer that has been in business for 150 years now. With a strong belief in craftsmanship Kährs is distinguished with high quality in every single piece of wood.

    • It all started in 1857 in Nybro, in the heart of Sweden’s forests by Johan Kähr. The company production has started from wooden goods and toys, later on moved to doors and to nowadays wooden flooring.
    • In 1941 Kährs world’s first multi-layer parquet floor was developed and patented.
    • In 1958 The first factory-lacquered floor was introduced with an accuracy in production unparalleled in wood processing.
    • In 1965 Kährs takes out a patent for a completely new sports floor construction. Boards were nailed to a flexible batten system and the floor was able to absorb impacts. During a worldwide oil crisis year Kährs manages to mark record sales.
    • In 1984 Kährs starts its own environmental programme.Kährs are the first floor manufacturer that utilizes an entirely solvent-free production process.
    • In 1993 Kährs becomes the first wood floor manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 quality certification.
    • In 1995 a new generation of wood floors is introduced with a thin top layer yet hard and durable, both economical and extremely easy to install.
    • In 1997 Kährs gains ISO 14001 environmental certification.
    • In 2000 Woodloc® - a unique glueless floor joint is launched. Woodloc® makes it even easier to lay the floor, but it also prevents gaps to appear between the boards despite climatic changes in the home.
    • In 2004 a sprung sports floor is developed and launched. The floor is approved for the global standard for sports floors, DIN, and is used at major sporting events.
    • In 2007 Kährs celebrates 150th anniversary, and is launching many new floors in new collections to suit all interiors and tastes.
    • In 2010 the next generation of Woodloc® 5S is launched. The new system facilitates an even faster and easier installation – while producing an even stronger floor.

    Product Type

    Every tree presents a variety of different colours and structures, which vary depending upon how the material is cut. Kährs has developed a unique system for inspecting and grading the sawn wood according to its structure and appearance which allows the manufacturing of floors with different looks, expressions and styles.

    Kährs flooring offers a wide variety of ranges with different characteristics to suit market demands. The appearance of the floor varies in colour, surface, pattern and hardness between different wood species. From light, calm Birch or Maple, through Oak and Beech, to dark Walnut or Jarrah. A dark floor can create a warm and comfortable feel in large rooms. A light wood floor reflects the light and makes the room look more spacious. It is good at creating contrast to dark design details. Kährs Classic products have been treated and refined using unique wood processing methods, combined with a glaze or coloured stain. 


    Kahrs offers a wear warranty of up to 30 years depending on the thickness of the board. The warranty applies to pre-finished multi layer wooden flooring in original packaging. The guarantee is applicable to floors installed and maintained in accordance with Kahrs instructions.


    All Kährs real wood flooring is based on Kährs patented parquet flooring technology and has a multi-layer structure which provides the correct balance between the top, core and back layers and makes the floor even and stable. Crossed layers counteract the natural movements of the timber.  Varying the direction of the fibres in the timber in various layers contributes to the durability of floors which are less affected by changes in the indoor climate. Kährs parquet flooring is also eco-friendly as the fast-growing wood species such as pine is used for the intermediate layer.


    • Stable shape because of the climate-controlled production processes
    • Kahrs Patented Woodloc system
    • Hardwood at the short ends make joints even stronger
    • Available in more than 40 patterns and types of wood
    • Up to 30 years wear warranty in domestic environment
    • Easy to clean
    • Can be relacquered or oiled over time
  • Laying Kahrs engineered wood flooring is easy due to the ingenious Woodloc® and Woodloc® 5S joints. The boards lock together mechanically. The perfect fit enhances the durability of the floor.

    Before installation keep the boards in their packaging. Read the instructions carefully before laying. The subfloor must be dry, level and solid. Remove fitted carpets.

    Kahrs flooring is installed as a floating floor. The planks are installed loose on the subfloor and linked together with Kahrs Woodloc joint system. Leave an allowance for 5% waste when installing. Use an underlay when installing Kahrs flooring, and a Damp Proof Membrane for concrete subfloors.

    Installation instructions for Kahrs wooden floors with woodloc® joints for installation on level and fixed surfaces

    Complete installation instructions are provided in every other bundle. Use Kahrs' installation tools.


    Start with calculating how many floor boards are required. If the last row is narrower than 30 mm, saw the first row of boards as well. When installing a Kahrs flooring with woodloc® joints, it is easier for you to start the installation at the long side that has most doors. If there are doors along the short side of the room begin each row of boards at these. The boards can be installed both from left and right.

    1. Begin in one corner installing from left to right with the bottom lip out towards the room. The long side distance to the wall can be adjusted later when three rows have been installed. It's often simpler to start the row of boards at the door.
    2. Press the next floor board at an angle to the first and lay it down.
      Continue work the same way with the rest of the first row.
    3. Cut the final board in the first row to the required length and start the next row with the left over piece. The boards' end joints are staggered by at least 500 mm.
    4. Put the floor board at an angle to the previous board in front. Knock lightly with a block while gently pressing the board down.
    5. Push in a Kährs installation key under the board you have already laid down at the short end.
    6. Continue by pressing in the next board's short end at an angle and lay down the long side.
    7. Take away the installation key and knock lightly with the hand block on the long side. At the same time gently press the board down and it will move into place.
    8. The floor's distance to the walls can be adjusted after laying three rows. Place the keys between the floor and wall and remove them once the installation of the floor is finished.
    9. The first floor row needs adjustment sometimes to an uneven wall. Mark the wall's contour on the floorboards. Then loosen the boards in the first row, grip them by the long side, pull upwards, meanwhile, knock gently against the joint. Saw where needed.
    10. Replace the sawn floorboards from left to right. First angle in the short side and then the long side. Place keys between wall and floor.
    11. Drill holes in the board for heater pipes at least 20 mm wider than the pipe's diameter. Saw. When the floor has been laid down, glue the sawn-out piece and cover the holes with pipe collars.
    12. If the door liner needs cutting use a floorboard as an underlay to get the exact measurement. If you need to saw lengthwise protect the board's joint.
    13. Lay the last board on top of the previous board with an approximately 5 mm allowance from the wall. Spot the saw cut with the help of a piece of board without locking moulding. Install the sawn board.
      Repeat the procedure with the next one. Fit the skirting boards without pressing them down so that the floor is locked. Use level mouldings when making the transition to another room.
    14. The boards can be installed from all directions when necessary. This helps installation around doors, for instance. If you cannot gain access to angle the board under a door liner or lowfitting radiator, start with cutting away about 2/3 of the locking moulding. Then glue and push the board into position. Woodloc® cannot be installed with end joints against a long side.
  • Maintenance silk matt and matt UV-lacquer

    Place doormats inside and outside the front door to prevent wear of the wooden floors. Put protective pads on furniture to avoid unnecessary marks and scratches on the floor. In rooms where water is frequently spilled, it is recommended that you lacquer the floor again after laying which will seal the joints between the boards and will give a better protection.
    Wood floors expand and contract with the changes in the indoor climate. Normal room temperature and relative humidity between 30-60% should be kept.

    Kährs Lacquer Refresher can be applied with a soft clean cloth or polish applicator. If necessary, apply a second coat. Let it dry for nearly 30 min. before replacing the furniture. For domestic floors, 1-2 treatments per year are sufficient. A floor treated with Kährs Lacquer Refresher can be relacquered. Remove all Kährs Lacquer Refresher with the Kährs Remover, then sand the floor and finally relacquer it.

    Cleaning Silk-matt and Matt UV-Lacquered Floors

    Vacuum daily and only when necessary, damp-clean the floor with a well wrung-out
    mop. The floor must only become slightly damp so it can dry in a minute. For the best cleaning results, use Kährs Cleaner or other pH-neutral (maximum pH 8) cleaner.
    Do not leave spilt water on the floor, especially on Beech and Hard Maple floors, which are susceptible to moisture.

    Removing Mark

    Remove marks from the floor by using a mild cleaner with no ammonia such as Kährs Cleaner or washing-up liquid diluted in warm water.

    Maintenance Natural Oil

    NB! Before starting any of the maintenance work described in here, check that the floor is a natural oiled floor and not a UV-oiled floor, which is the more common in domestic interiors.


    Place doormats inside and outside the front door to prevent wear. Put protective pads on furniture to avoid unnecessary marks and scratches on the floor.

    In rooms with a probable frequent water spillage, is recommended treatment of the floor with Kährs UV/Nature oil refresher after laying in order to seal the joints between the boards and give a better protection.


    Maintaining the floors in domestic environments is easy, and treatment with polish is not necessary.


    Vacuum daily and only when necessary, damp-clean the floor with a well wrung-out mop. The floor must only become slightly damp and able to dry within a minute.

    For best results, use Kährs Cleaner or another pH-neutral (maximum pH 8) cleaner. Do not leave spilt water on the floor, especially on Beech and Hard Maple floors, which are susceptible to moisture.

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