Kahrs Gate Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, Lacquered, 150x0.5x7 mm

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1 pack of this flooring covers 3.26 sqm

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Try before you buy! Order a sample of this product.
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Trade prices & discounts are available for this product in store only. Order by phone. The flooring offers a click fitting system, making it suitable for floating installations with underlay. The Forest Stewardship Council insures products certified under the FSC system. Products certified by FSC assures confidence that you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests. Get FREE 15 sqm roll of "Tradition 3 mm Standard Foam Underlay" with every 15 sqm of flooring. Matching scotia beading and door thresholds come with this flooring product, please order separately. This product is suitable for Underfloor Heating.

To describe Kahrs Gate Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, Lacquered, 150x0.5x7 mm we are sure to say it has the best brown colour, 1-strip and comes from the linnea habitat collection.

In general, by wire brushing the texture of the wood becomes different, the process pulls the soft grain from the growth ring thus leaving the heartwood exposed to the surface.

As a world recognised and searched brand Kahrs has won a leading place in the flooring business. Every installer who has ever dealt with its floors would tell you that once bought a product from this brand would give you nothing but a great experience.

A unique character can be given on your flooring when you opt for a multi-strip surface layer of each board. Long and short strip variations are also possible.

By choosing a board with a silk matt finish you get no unnatural shine added and with a coat so thin you still get to experience the true grain and texture of the wood.

Each layer in the engineered flooring is designed to face a different direction thus ensuring the stability of the plank during temperature or humidly fluctuation.

The oak wood gives planks with a straight grain and often with a wavy structure. The contrasting colour tones are quite pleasing to the eye when displayed as a type of flooring.

Both Woodloc® and Woodloc® 5S are innovative glue-free joint systems and are able to withstand drastic changes in atmosphere and temperature without problems, both can be installed and then disassembled with ease and can have no apparent gaps between planks.


Wood Floor Specification
Width 150 mm
Thickness 7 mm
Product Range Linnea Habitat Collection
Colour Brown
Strip 1-Strip
Wood Type Oak
Top Layer 0.5 mm
Grade Prime
Sealant Finish Lacquered
Installation Method Floating
Profile Bevelled Edge
Length 1810 mm
Joint System Woodloc 5S
Code 37101REK09KW180

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