Kahrs Salzburg Maple Engineered Wood Flooring, Lacquered, 200x3.5x15 mm

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1 pack of this flooring covers 2.91 sqm

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Trade prices & discounts are available for this product in store only. Order by phone. The flooring offers a click fitting system, making it suitable for floating installations with underlay. The Forest Stewardship Council insures products certified under the FSC system. Products certified by FSC assures confidence that you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests. Get FREE 15 sqm roll of "Tradition 3 mm Standard Foam Underlay" with every 15 sqm of flooring. Matching scotia beading and door thresholds come with this flooring product, please order separately. This product is suitable for Underfloor Heating.

A brief introduction of this flooring is: Kahrs Salzburg Maple Engineered Wood Flooring, Lacquered, 200x3.5x15 mm has 3-strip, is in natural grade and is part of the European naturals collection.

If you see the term 'bevelled edges' in the specifications of the floor, know that it refers to the long side of the board and the groove that appears between the planks after installing. Simply said stronger bevelling equals bigger grooves

Starting its journey from 1857 Kahrs can easily be named the most innovative company with patented inventions like the multi-layer wood, the first water-based lacquer system and the first environmental management certification.

A wide variety of Dutch patterns from modern to classical are also available in the palette of Kahrs designed products.

High gloss finish on your flooring creates the best protection against everyday wear and tear and would certainly give it an indisputably shiny look.

As a brand with a strong focus on producing always eco-friendly solutions, it has managed to utilise the whole log during manufacturing thus making use of all the raw material provided without wasting any.

Picking maple for flooring is like keeping the baseline for any interior as whatever you choose for the rest, know that maple can accommodate by becoming something else with the help of patterns, effects and stains.

When placing your flooring, please, keep in mind a floor can be only as good as the subfloor permits, so check and fix your subfloor thoroughly preceding the installation.


Wood Floor Specification
Width 200 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Product Range European Naturals Collection
Colour Beige
Strip 3-Strip
Wood Type Maple
Top Layer 3.5 mm
Grade Natural
Sealant Finish Lacquered
Installation Method Floating
Profile Square Edge
Length 2423 mm
Joint System Woodloc 5S
Code 153N18EL50KW 0

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