Kahrs Colony Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, Rustic, Brushed, Oiled, 150x0.5x7 mm

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1 pack of this flooring covers 3.26 sqm

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Try before you buy! Order a sample of this product.
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Trade prices & discounts are available for this product in store only. Order by phone. The flooring offers a click fitting system, making it suitable for floating installations with underlay. The Forest Stewardship Council insures products certified under the FSC system. Products certified by FSC assures confidence that you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests. Get FREE 15 sqm roll of "Tradition 3 mm Standard Foam Underlay" with every 15 sqm of flooring. Matching scotia beading and door thresholds come with this flooring product, please order separately. This product is suitable for Underfloor Heating.

To describe Kahrs Colony Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, Brushed & Oiled, 150x0.5x7 mm we are sure to say it has the best white washed colour, 1-strip and comes from the Linnea Habitat Collection.

In general, by wire brushing the texture of the wood becomes different, the process pulls the soft grain from the growth ring thus leaving the heartwood exposed to the surface.

Kahrs has been an innovator for more than 150 years since it has started its journey. You can always rely on this brand to present you with the best of the best.

By arranging the strips on a board of flooring Kahrs' designers can build a lively overall feeling or a calmer disposition.

Kahrs apply a somehow thin layer of lacquer compared to others but its finish is designed to reveal is 75% more stable compared to solid wood.

Extremely durable and able to match every taste are just some of the words used to describe oak flooring as this wood has been showing its tremendous ability to be picked over the rest types for centuries.

Just by altering the point of the blade while chopping the log into workable blocks can obtain several textures and colours and that is the result of one tree, think about several thousand and consider how many variations of wood flooring there can be. Kahrs has been doing that exact thing for a long time.


Wood Floor Specification
Width 150 mm
Thickness 7 mm
Product Range Linnea Habitat Collection
Colour Brown
Strip 1-Strip
Wood Type Oak
Top Layer 0.5 mm
Grade Rustic
Sealant Finish Oiled
Installation Method Floating
Profile Bevelled Edge
Length 1810 mm
Joint System Woodloc 5S
Code 37107AEKFVKW180