Wood Floor Fillers

Discover a wide range of interior and exterior wood floor fillers from reputable brands. Our selection includes both water-based and solvent-based options. Solvent-based fillers, favoured by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, tend to dry faster and shrink less compared to water-based alternatives.

For significant gaps, marks, or holes in wood floors, a filler mixed with fine sawdust collected during the sanding process is required to create a matching mixture. This method ensures the most reliable colour matching.

For scratches, minor gaps, or stains, specialized fillers are available to minimise their visibility. These fillers come in various colours and are easy to apply. You can mix colours to achieve the desired shade matching your flooring.

It's important to note that wood floor filler is designed to conceal small gaps and minor scratches, not to repair them. While it can make large gaps less visible, it cannot make them disappear entirely. Additionally, wood filler is a temporary solution as gap sizes fluctuate throughout the year, and the filler lacks the elasticity to expand and contract accordingly.