Quickstep Laminate Flooring

QuickStep Laminate Flooring

Quickstep laminate flooring is synonymous with innovation and advanced techniques in design and production. With a rich history spanning over half a century, Quickstep has continuously pushed the boundaries of laminate flooring.

From the very beginning, Quickstep has been dedicated to creating laminate flooring with exceptional design and unmatched quality. Their focus on aesthetics ensures that Quickstep laminate flooring can beautifully complement any setting, while their commitment to durability guarantees flooring that can withstand the test of time. Experience the attractive and elegant appeal that Quickstep laminate flooring brings to every household and commercial space.

Quickstep laminate flooring sets itself apart with its remarkable durability and hard-wearing power. Designed to last for decades, Quickstep products outshine many competitors on the market. Enjoy a flooring solution that combines a stunning appearance with unmatched resilience and longevity.

Quickstep laminate flooring stands as one of the leading products available globally. Its perfect balance of beautiful aesthetics, premium quality, and reasonable pricing has made it a favourite choice for thousands of households and commercial spaces worldwide. Experience the functional, elegant, and innovative attributes that have established Quickstep as a trusted manufacturer of top-notch flooring solutions.

Quickstep's dedication to excellence doesn't end with its current achievements. The brand's manufacturers and designers are constantly striving for improvement and perfection, ensuring that Quickstep laminate flooring evolves to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of customers.

Choose Quickstep laminate flooring for a flooring solution that embodies innovation, lasting quality, and stunning design. Experience the unmatched durability, attractive appearance, and unparalleled performance that have made Quickstep a leader in the industry. Discover why thousands of customers worldwide trust Quickstep to provide them with functional, elegant, and durable laminate flooring.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring – Origin

QuickStep laminate flooring – origin
How Quickstep laminate flooring was established

The origin of Quickstep laminate flooring can be traced back to the 1960s when the Belgian company UNILIN was established as a family-run business involved in manufacturing flax chipboards at first, later on, substituted by real wood. As a result, the mother company of Quickstep laminate flooring becomes the first business introducing laminate in their home country along with the first laminate manufacturer with its own brand and range of innovative products.

Since then, the path of Quickstep laminate flooring is always curved around innovation, advanced technics and technologies, pioneering. Quickstep laminate flooring quickly becomes a successful example of incorporating revolutionary ideas into the designing and manufacturing of common industry products such as laminate. Quickstep laminate flooring laminate is the first one introduced on the market with the innovative click system that improved the adhesive installation and allows for more freedom and easiness of laminate fitting.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring – Introduction to Wood and Vinyl

QuickStep laminate flooring – introduction of wood and vinyl
How Quickstep laminate flooring added wood and vinyl to the family

Following the success of laminate flooring, the creators of Quickstep laminate flooring quickly show their interest in the design and manufacture of other highly popular flooring options. This is when Quickstep laminate flooring made out of real wood is introduced in 2009 under the umbrella of the company. Following the constant interest in improvement and innovation, the company continues to develop its wood product range of Quickstep laminate flooring products and in 2018 a new generation of wood flooring is introduced, presenting the one-of-a-king surface technology “Surface & Edge Protect+” that is designed to protect real wood floors from dirt, mud, and dust getting trapped into the wood’s embossed texture. Following the success of the laminate and wood ranges of Quickstep laminate flooring, the business also focuses on developing its first vinyl flooring product range in 2013. This practical, beautiful, durable, and advanced flooring option is further improved in 2019 with a new conception of “rigid vinyl” that gives Quickstep laminate flooring optimum performance.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring – Advantages of Innovation

QuickStep flooring – advantages of innovation
Why Quickstep laminate flooring is a good investment

Besides the innovative approach to business and manufacturing, Quickstep laminate flooring and its creators are known for the amazing quality of all products. Quickstep laminate flooring laminate becomes widely popular and a favourite for many households and commercial interiors because of how authentic and realistic it looks. It is not only the looks and appearance because Quickstep laminate flooring is also a synonym for amazing durability, comfort, hard-wearing power.

In addition, the company has gets involved in introducing the permanent antistatic layer to all Quickstep laminate flooring laminate products since 2005. To ensure the comfort and satisfaction of all clients who purchase Quickstep laminate flooring, the company constantly puts efforts into the improvement and development of innovative and better ideas and performance.

As a result, the installation of Quickstep laminate flooring laminate is made even easier and more effortless thanks to the introduction of the “slide and click” fitting system in 2009 that is an improvement of the original “Uniclick” fitting system. Quickstep laminate flooring laminate is also among the first products introduced on the market that are highly water-resistant and perfectly suitable for installation in bathrooms, basements, conservatories, and areas of high indoor moisture levels.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring – Product Ranges

QuickStep laminate flooring – product ranges
Choose from a great variety of Quickstep laminate flooring products

Quickstep laminate flooring is available in different ranges of products that can satisfy the requirements and needs of even the pickiest customer. No matter if you are going for the functionality and reasonable price of luxury vinyl tiles and planks, you prefer the natural and authentic beauty of real wood or you enjoy the practical benefits of laminate, Quickstep laminate flooring always has an ideal solution for you. Quickstep laminate flooring simply caters to the needs and desires of everyone, no matter if it comes to a commercial or domestic setting. With so many options to choose from, there is always the right Quickstep Flooring choice for your home or office.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring - Laminate

QuickStep laminate flooring - laminate
Laminate floors by Quickstep laminate flooring

Quickstep laminate flooring comes in a really broad variety of design choices and options when it comes to laminate. It is easy to find the exact style, colour, and texture to match your interior the way you want it. Additionally, Quickstep laminate flooring laminate range is durable, hard-wearing, water-resistant, and can be installed in combination with underfloor heating.

Elevate your interiors with the premium quality of Quickstep laminate flooring. Explore our London showroom for a closer look, or simply order Quickstep laminate flooring online via our website.

Quickstep laminate flooring – origin
Quickstep laminate flooring – introduction of wood and vinyl
Quickstep laminate flooring – advantages of innovation
Quickstep laminate flooring – product ranges
Quickstep laminate flooring - laminate