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Returns Policy


Cancellation of an order with a full refund is available only for orders not dispatched on delivery


Returns are accepted on products that have been dispatched from our or the manufacturer's warehouse to you. Returns are accepted within 14 days of the delivery or collection, against proof of purchase.

Goods are returned to Trades Centre on customer's own expense or at Collection service offered by Trades Centre at additional charge.

We cannot accept liability for returned goods lost in transit.


  • Full refund applies to all consumables and accessories in original packaging.
  • Refunds of flooring products are subject to 25% restocking charge.

Goods with Manufacturing Fault

Manufacturing faults should be reported to Trades Centre as soon as they are noticed. Trades Centre may instruct investigation prior to issuing any refunds, made either by Trades Centre representative or arrange such by the manufacturer. The investigation might include forwarding images, or / and collection of sample of the goods with the manufacturing fault to Trades Centre or  the manufacturer.

Further actions would be dictated by the conclusion of the report prepared after the investigation. If the goods are reported to have manufacturing fault, they would be replaced free of charge.

Goods Not Applicable for a Refund

  • Beadings regardless of their condition
  • Goods in damaged or open original packaging
  • Damaged goods without manufacturing fault
  • Goods, not stored while on customer premises by the manufacturer's recommendations