Our Range of Wood Floor Lacquers

Floor Lacquer is among the most popular types of wood finishes. It is available in several gloss levels – satin, gloss, matt and ultra matt. The lacquered floor is highly resistant to abrasion, liquid spills and chemicals. It is durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Our product range includes both solvent and water-based finishes.

Gloss Lacquer – it has the highest sheen, while the matt and ultra matt lacquer have very little or no sheen. It’s more stain-resistant than the other lacquers, but it’s also more reflective so it can make the wood imperfections much more obvious.

Satin Lacquer – it reflects more light that the matt lacquer and less that the gloss lacquer. This finish is suitable for high traffic areas such as kitchen, living room and hallways. You cannot hide any imperfections in surface.

Matt & Ultra Matt Lacquer – these lacquers deliver a smooth, subtle look and show little to no sheen because they can absorb the light. The matt and ultra matt varnishes give the impression of an untreated bare boards, they resemble the natural look of the wood. They can cover the wood imperfections as they are non-reflective.

The Solvent-based finish is considered as a traditional finish – they provide a perfect glossy shine and are extremely durable. Their biggest disadvantage are their chemicals. That’s why the industry has developed an environment-friendly alternative –a water-based lacquer. The water-based lacquer has gained popularity over the past few years, it is quick drying, low VOC and has a low odour.

We recommend you to apply lacquer to a freshly sanded surface, because after the surface is stripped off, the wood pores are open and will soak better the finish. Once lacquered, please ensure that the floor is protected from moveable furniture, such as chairs, sofas and tables. The lacquered wood floor is easy to maintain. Cleaning your wood floor is essential for protecting and maintaining its lacquered surface. You can use a vacuum cleaner, broom or cleaning mop to clean your wood floor – this will be your best defence against scratches and surface damage.