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Is Engineered Flooring the Same as Laminate?

18 Nov 2016
On Laminates and Engineered Floors There are two types of hardwood floors. Solid wood and engineered. read more »

Comprehensive Guide to Floor Mouldings and Skirting Boards

04 Nov 2016
What Is a Floor Moulding? Floor moulding, also known as baseboard or skirting is usually wood or plastic board covering the joint between the interior walls and the floors, as well as the gap between different floors or the end of stairs. The most basic version is simply a plank which is glued, nailed or screwed to the wall. read more »

Discover Bona Primers and Lacquers

27 Oct 2016
Bona is an old company with a long history in the flooring industry. It was founded in Sweden in 1919 and becomes famous for the introduction of the first water based lacquers in 1979. read more »

Creative Floor Finishes by Woca

21 Oct 2016
As a large distributor of WOCA, Flooring Centre had the opportunity to host a workshop in its showroom where key products were presented and shown proper use for the achievement of some desired effects. Workshops like this are suitable for working professionals and enthusiasts in the area of wood flooring. read more »

Picking an Eco-friendly Flooring is a Smart Choice

07 Oct 2016
Wood is the most popular type of flooring today and for a good reason. Humanity has tried to substitute it with many products, some of which even better in certain areas or for certain purposes, but nothing can really compare to real, natural timber. read more »

The Annual Flooring Show in Harrogate

26 Sep 2016
The Harrogate Floor Show? Every industry has big events. Places where at certain times of the year, you can see the most recent innovations, hear the latest news, learn more about the different manufacturers and what they have to offer. read more »

Laminate flooring and Quick-Step

12 Aug 2016
Before taking a look at Quick-Step Laminate Flooring specifically, let’s check what is laminate, in general. What are the ups and downs, what makes it attractive and how it compares to real hardwood? What Exactly Is Laminate?   Laminates are a relatively new type of flooring with a lot of upsides and certain drawbacks. read more »

Nine tips for protecting bare hardwood floors

12 Aug 2016
  Why do people love wood as a flooring material so much? Well, there are many advantages to it but one benefit stands above all. Wood is a completely natural material creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in our home and no artificial substitute can ever match that! This is the real reason why timber is the flooring of choice not only in the UK but around the world. read more »

Eight Of The Best Hardwood Fooring Trends

02 Nov 2016
In the recent years, trending is the natural look and uncovering the wood’s true beauty hidden in its grains and textures. Imperfections are not something to be hidden, on the contrary, they are a symbol of uniqueness and character. read more »

The 6 Main Points You Need to Address When You Are Choosing Your Wood Flooring

12 Aug 2016
If you are looking for hardwood flooring for your home, you will soon discover that even such a simple choice can lead to the appearance of many questions which lead to even more choices to make. What kind of wood would be best? What grade? What kind of floor boards? Finished or pre-finished?    1. read more »
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