Power Tools

Every DIY enthusiast gets to the point where they want to invest in their own power tools and step up their game. However, power tools are quite an investment and you cannot just go out on a power tools shopping spree without knowing anything about power tools. There are many different types of power tools ad different power tools are required for different projects.

Of course, the best-case scenario for you is to have all kinds of power tools in your garage so you are always ready to start a DIY project. However, for many people, it does not work that way and they occasionally will need just one or a couple of power tools for a project. In order to help you make the most of your money and get the power tools you actually need in your life, here is a comprehensive guide to power tools for you to assist you in making the right choices.

Different Types of Power Tools: Corded Power Drill

Corded power drill
Corded power drill

Corded power drills are a type of power tools that are used for drilling holes in different types of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, stone, concrete, glass, etc. There is a wide variety of different types and lengths of drill bits and depending on the material you are going to drill you may need different ones. Most corded drills or power tools sets come with an assortment of different drill bits and accessories so you can use these power tools for different projects and materials.

The way these power tools works are pretty simple – the bit is held in a clamping device at the end of the drill shaft. Different power tools and corded drills come with different chucks that accommodate different sizes of bits and also different power. Choose the one you need based on the project you have or the types of projects you most often work on. There is no point in investing in power tools you will need once a year as you can easily rent these power tools whenever you need something more specific. 

Different Types of Power Tools: Cordless Drill

Cordless drill
Corded drill

As the name of these power tools suggest, cordless drills are made to drill holes, however, compared to corded power drills, cordless drills are more mobile and easy to work with because they are cordless. This type of power tools are also designed to drill holes in different types of materials and they are also often used as electric screwdrivers for driving screws into different surfaces.

Therefore, these power tools are a common choice of DIY enthusiasts as they are multifunctional. The fact that these types of power tools do not come with a cord make them more convenient to use, especially in awkward places, up ladders, and also for work on roofs. Unlike other power tools, cordless drills are lighter and easier to hold especially with one hand.

Different Types of Power Tools: Jigsaw


Jigsaws are type of power tools that are designed for cutting different materials, including wood, metal, plastic, etc. These power tools are also available with different types of blades, each of them designed for a specific material to cut. The most common reason why you may need a jigsaw in your collection is mostly for cutting timber and wood.

When you are looking up different power tools and planning to invest in a jigsaw, keep in mind that jigsaws with various speeds on the trigger are available and you are recommended to invest in power tools that come with various speeds on the trigger built-in one tool. Choosing a jigsaw with separate speed control is really not that convenient and easy to use. 

Different Types of Power Tools: Circular Saw

Circular saw
Circular saw

Circular saw power tools are high power tools used for cutting through thicker materials compared to other sorts of saws and power tools. In case you are planning a DIY wood flooring project, a circular saw is one of the essential power tools for the project. Compared to a jigsaw, circular saws give a more square cut because they come with a more rigid blade. Working with a circular saw is quicker than with a jigsaw, which is more suitable for a daintier and more specific work. If you are building a collection of power tools, investing in circular tools is always a good idea. 

Different Types of Power Tools: Sander


The most important power tools for wood flooring and any other wood related project are sanders. Sanders are power tools designed to smooth down timber, remove paint and finish, and even sanding metal. The two most popular power tools in the sanders category are belt sanders and orbital sanders. Let’s find out more about these power tools:

Belt sander

Belt sanders are one of the essential tools for a wood-related project. They are designed with a continuous looped belt of sandpaper attached to it. The belt is driven by a motor. Belts for this type of sander are replaceable and available in different grit sizes, from coarse grids for the initial steps of the project to super fine for finishing touches. Belt sanders work quickly, however, because of their shape and size they are not suitable for a more detailed job in the corners.

Orbital sander

Orbital sanders work with a sheet of sandpaper that is driven in a circular motion. Sheets of sandpaper must be replaced often as they tend to clog quickly. Orbital sanders are suitable for sanding right into the corners because of the smaller size and triangular shape of this tool. 

Sanding pad for angle grinder

Angle grinders are used for getting to spots and corners that are inaccessible for other types of sanders. Angle grinders are also used for cutting and grinding various materials, including metal, wood, tiles, roof sheeting, plastic, masonry, etc. Accessories are available for angle grinders are a rubber backing pad and circular sanding disks and they are used also for sanding profiled surfaces. 

Different types of power tools: Corded power drill
Different types of power tools: Cordless drill
Different types of power tools: Jigsaw
Different types of power tools: Circular saw
Different types of power tools: Sander