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Everbuild Floor Paint is a low viscosity, high solids, heavy duty Alkyd based floor paint designed to provide a clean hard wearing finish to concrete, stone and wooden floors subject to light to medium traffic including fork lift trucks, scissor lifts etc. Ideal for use on garage floors, workshops, storerooms, walkways etc.

£26.00 ex. Vat, per can

Everbuild BlackJack Black Bitumen Paint is a solvent based, full bodied black bitumen paint, When dry, the product forms an odourless and taint free bitumen film suitable for the protection of metals, concrete roofing, felt, fibre cement, corrugated iron, asphalt and wood against water attack. Benefits Fast drying.

£10.95 ex. Vat, per can

Woodworm Killer is a ready to use treatment for the eradication of all types and life stages of wood boring insects and their larvae, specifically woodworm. The added insecticide also aids to actively kill the woodworm and protect against re-infestation.

£15.50 ex. Vat, per bottle

Everbuild Triple  Action Wood Treatment takes care of all your wood treatment and preservation needs in the one can. It is a low solvent; low odour solution based on Micro-fine active technology with added fungicides, algaecides and Permethrin to actively kill and protect against all known wood rot; decay, fungi and wood boring insects.

£13.60 ex. Vat, per bottle

Bona White primer should be used to create a 'white-washed' look to a wood floor - ideal when creating a Scandinavian style interior! The level of whiteness will depend on upon the number of coats applied.  Bona White will also reduce yellowing.

£52.00 ex. Vat, per bottle

Bona Natural is a primer designed to retain a truly natural appearance to unfinished wood. Bona Natural is the perfect choice when combined with Bona Mega Natural or Bona Traffic Natural lacquers to achieve an 'unfinished' natural look - but at the same achieving a highly durable surface.

£49.50 ex. Vat, per bottle

Bona Classic is a high solids, single component acrylate primer for use on wooden floors prior to overcoating with Bona waterborne finishes. It gives the surface a well-bodied appearance and reduces the risk of sidebonding due to its flexibility.

£16.00 ex. Vat, per bottle

Wakol PU 280 is a quick drying solvent and water free primer. It's one component primer which can be used indoors and outdoors.

£139.80 ex. Vat, per can

Blanchon Prim Oil is a primer based on synthetic resins, specially designed to prepare difficult exotic wood species before oiling.  Most exotic woods ( merbau, ipe, teak, olive) have a delayed drying time of an oil, causing surface defects, uneven appearance, etc.

£37.95 ex. Vat, per bottle

Blanchon Protector (Metamat) is developed to protect varnished wood floors with a matt or extra-matt finish. It keeps the flooring as new, prolongs their life and give the floor a new shine.

£12.21 ex. Vat, per bottle

Blanchon White Patina is an odorless, decorative wood stain, which bleaches and emphasises the graining by highlighting the wood ( including non-brushed wood).  Blanchon White Patina is washable with water, perfect for all large surfaces - parquets.

£11.95 ex. Vat, per bottle

Blanchon Prim'Sealer can be applied to all types of European wood species. It's colourless and odourless primer for wooden floors, that is suitable to use under all Blanchon water based wood floor varnishes.

£52.95 ex. Vat, per bottle

Stopgap P131 Primer, 5L is a primer designed to promote the adhesion on Stopgap screeds to smooth non-absorbent surfaces. It can also ben used as a general purpose primer for absorbent surfaces to promote adhesion and to prevent unacceptably rapid drying.

£25.55 ex. Vat, per bottle

Durable plastic with large, easy-to-read metric graduations on one face. Durable polypropylene cover provides an airtight seal and prevents paint rollers from drying out whilst keeping them organised and ready to use.

£2.90 ex. Vat, per pack

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