Engineered Wood Flooring

Are you in search of a versatile and practical flooring option that combines the best of both worlds? Look no further than engineered wood flooring! Experience the timeless beauty and elegance of solid wood with the added benefits of durability and versatility.

Unlike traditional solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is crafted from layers of softwood, plywood, and other real wood materials. These layers are intricately bonded together using advanced crisscrossed construction techniques and fortified with a top layer of hardwood. The result? A flooring solution that is not only visually stunning but also built to withstand the test of time.

We take pride in providing top-notch flooring solutions that cater to your unique style and requirements. Our wide range of engineered wood flooring options is meticulously curated to ensure we offer nothing but the finest quality and craftsmanship.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

What is engineered wood flooring?
Engineered wood flooring explained

Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood is constructed using layers of lumber and wood products, strategically bonded and topped with a beautiful hardwood lamella layer. This top layer is available in a wide range of wood species, colours, and textures, providing the same natural and stunning look as solid wood floors. One of the many advantages of engineered wood flooring is its resistance to moisture, water damage, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. This makes it a fantastic choice for areas prone to these issues, such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and conservatories. With the ability to be sanded and refinished multiple times, depending on the thickness of the top layer, engineered wood flooring is both long-lasting and easy to maintain. Discover the growing popularity of engineered wood flooring, appreciated for its exceptional versatility, durability, and ease of installation.

How is Engineered Wood Flooring Made?

How is engineered wood flooring made?
How is engineered wood flooring structured

With varying numbers of layers and thicknesses of the top layer, you have the freedom to choose the perfect flooring for your needs. The strength and longevity of the floor depend on the overall construction thickness, allowing for multiple sanding and refinishing sessions. A minimum top layer thickness of 2mm ensures that you experience the true essence of engineered wood flooring. Embrace the beauty of the lamella top layer, available in a wide range of wood species, just like solid wood floors. Customise and treat it to your liking with finishes, stains, and treatments. Once installed, your engineered wood flooring will seamlessly resemble solid wood, with no visible layers on the surface.

Why Engineered Wood Flooring Has Layers?

Why engineered wood flooring has layers?
The purpose of engineered wood flooring’s layers

The purpose of the crisscrossed layers of engineered wood flooring is to make the floorboards more flexible and less prone to damages and issues caused by water, moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations. When it comes to solid wood, moisture and dramatic temperature changes can sometimes cause major issues by making the floorboards contract and expand, which can lead to breakage, damage, cupping, damages of the finish. However, this is not expected with engineered wood flooring.

What Is The Size of Engineered Wood Flooring Planks?

What Is the size of engineered wood flooring planks?
Engineered wood flooring – what size to choose?

Immerse yourself in the showroom and discover a common width range of 100mm to 400mm, providing you with ample choices to visually enhance your space and create an illusion of spaciousness, especially in smaller rooms. The thickness of engineered wood flooring planks varies between 12.5mm and 22mm, allowing for customized options to suit your preferences. Keep in mind that a thicker floorboard enables multiple sanding and refinishing sessions, prolonging the lifespan of your flooring. However, it's important to note that the thickness of the planks affects the price of engineered wood flooring, ensuring you find the perfect balance between durability and budget.

How Is Engineered Wood Flooring Fitted?

How is engineered wood flooring fitted?
Engineered wood flooring – easy installation

Whether it's through nailing, screwing, or gluing down, we provide various installation options tailored to your specific project and space requirements. Additionally, engineered wood flooring offers the convenience of floating installation, eliminating the need for nails, screws, or adhesives. This allows you to install engineered wood flooring even in areas where the subfloor may be uneven or not completely dry, which could pose challenges for solid wood floors. You'll find engineered wood flooring available in popular tongue and groove profiles or convenient click fitting systems. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of installing engineered wood flooring, avoiding the complexity and time-consuming processes associated with costly professional services.

Where to Use Engineered Wood Flooring?

Where to use engineered wood flooring?
The best settings for engineered wood flooring

Elevate the ambience of any space, be it residential or commercial, with the timeless allure of engineered wood flooring. Experience the harmonious blend of natural beauty, functionality, and comfort that it brings to every room. Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice for various areas in the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Moreover, it excels in spaces like bathrooms, basements, and conservatories, where its captivating wood aesthetics can be enjoyed without concerns about moisture-related issues.

When it comes to durability and resilience, engineered wood flooring shines in high-traffic areas with heavy footfall. This makes it a preferred choice for offices, stores, restaurants, pubs, and hotels, providing a robust and long-lasting flooring solution. Unleash the transformative power of engineered wood flooring in your space, elevating its overall appeal and creating an environment that exudes both elegance and practicality.

Can I Have Engineered Wood Flooring and an Underfloor Heating System?

Can I have engineered wood flooring and an underfloor heating system?
Engineered wood flooring and underfloor heating

Experience the perfect pairing of underfloor heating systems and engineered wood flooring, offering a seamless combination that mitigates potential damages and issues arising from temperature fluctuations. Engineered wood flooring is specially designed to withstand and adapt to varying temperatures, ensuring a durable and reliable flooring solution for your underfloor heating needs. Say goodbye to worries and embrace the harmonious blend of warmth and beauty that engineered wood flooring brings to your space.

Engineered Wood Flooring – Benefits

Engineered wood flooring – benefits
The main advantages of engineered wood flooring

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of engineered wood flooring, which effortlessly emulates the allure of solid wood. Experience the cosy, warm, and elegant ambience it brings, infusing your space with a touch of unique style.

Not only does engineered wood flooring deliver on aesthetics, but it also offers a more affordable price compared to solid wood, making it a practical choice without compromising on quality. With its easy and quick installation process, you'll have your new flooring in no time. Plus, maintenance becomes a breeze as engineered wood flooring is designed to be effortlessly kept clean, spotless, and in optimal condition.

The versatility of engineered wood flooring knows no bounds, as it can be seamlessly installed in various rooms and spaces, be it in domestic or commercial settings. Let your creativity roam free as you explore the possibilities of incorporating this remarkable flooring solution throughout your home or business.

At Flooring Centre, we take pride in offering a diverse range of flooring options that cater to your unique needs and preferences. Step into our store and let our friendly team guide you towards finding the perfect flooring solution that elevates the style and functionality of your space.

Looking to enhance your living space with the elegance of engineered wood flooring in London? Visit our showroom today to explore our exquisite collection, or simply contact us at 020 88309787 or email to make your purchase online. Your dream floors are just a click away.

What is engineered wood flooring?
How is engineered wood flooring made?
Why engineered wood flooring has layers?
What is the size of engineered wood flooring planks?
How is engineered wood flooring fitted?
Where to use engineered wood flooring?
Can I have engineered wood flooring and an underfloor heating system?
Engineered wood flooring - benefits