Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is one of the best flooring options you have out there on the market. Solid wood flooring provides every space with natural beauty, durability, lasting solidness and ensures unlimited design options for every room of your home and for every space of the commercial premises. There is no doubt that solid wood flooring is a common choice for many households and interior designers with its unbeatable elegance, the cosy and welcoming atmosphere it creates, its naturally hygienic nature, and hard-wearing power. Solid wood flooring increases the value of every premises and adds a lot of character to every room. Solid wood flooring is available in a really impressive range of natural or manmade colours, textures, patterns, wood species, floorboard sizes, finishes. There is easily at least one solid wood flooring option available on the market nowadays that can match your interior design and style ideally. Whether you are planning to make it work as a focal point of the room or a simple canvass for a specific interior design style, solid wood flooring is the perfect match to any style, setting and home.

History of Solid wood flooring

History of solid wood flooring
The origin of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring has been around for many centuries already and it is not a secret it is a favourite interior feature of many generations. With its unique appearance and classic natural beauty, solid wood flooring is not dominated by current trends and fashion, but always effortlessly in style and in trend.

Solid wood flooring has a rich history and dates back to the centuries of castles and royalties when solid wood flooring has been successfully used as a substitute to the marble floors in the Versailles Palace’s ballrooms. Even back then engineers have considered that solid wood flooring is significantly easier to keep clean and beautiful, easy to maintain and more functional, unlike the expensive marble floors. From then on, solid wood flooring has become a synonym of luxury and prestige. First reserved for the wealthy and royal families, nowadays everyone can enjoy the effortless, classic beauty and amazing durability of solid wood flooring in their home or office space.

Where to Install Solid Wood Flooring

Where to install solid wood flooring
The best settings for solid wood flooring

Style-wise, solid wood flooring can easily fit into any space, no matter if commercial or domestic. Solid wood flooring creates a specific atmosphere of warmth and cosiness, while still contributing to a professional-looking and welcoming setting in commercial premises.

However, something specific about real solid wood flooring is its porous structure and how it responds to a specific environment. While solid wood flooring is a very sturdy, strong, and durable type of flooring, it is still prone to water and moisture damages, issues due to temperature fluctuations and humidity. When in contact with excessive moisture, the floorboards of your solid wood flooring may start contracting and expanding, which can lead to a number of issues such as broken and distressed floorboards, cupping, issues with the finish, gaps occurring, etc. Well, such situations with solid wood flooring are really a rare thing, especially if you maintain and clean your solid wood flooring properly and regularly, make sure the finish is always in perfect condition as this is the protective invisible barrier that prevents bare wood from getting damaged and scratched. However, in order to minimise the risk as much as possible, solid wood flooring is not recommended for installation in bathrooms and basements, or anywhere where leaks or very high indoor moisture levels could be a potential issue. Otherwise, you have the freedom and flexibility to install solid wood flooring in all the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and other spaces of your house and anywhere in commercial spaces and offices, where solid wood flooring will fit perfectly too.

Solid wood flooring – Softwoods and Hardwoods

Solid wood flooring – softwoods and hardwoods
Solid wood flooring and how it is made

Solid wood flooring comes made out of so many different wood species, but did you know that different wood species have different properties besides the fact they also look different? Wood species do not only naturally comes with different colours, undertones, textures, and even patterns, but they also differ to such extent that some of them are more recommended for specific environment and setting, while others will be a good choice for other spaces. Let’s explore the main differences regarding wood flooring.

Softwood Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring made out of softwood species can originate from a number of different trees, most commonly these will be pine, fir, cedar, etc. The main differences that put solid wood flooring softwoods in one category is the fact they mature quicker and can be harvested in less time. However, this rapid growth of such trees leads to the fact they produce wood materials that have a less dense structure. Therefore, softwood species are considered to be less durable, but this is not quite the whole truth. Thanks to their more porous structure, softwood species are more flexible and adapt to more humid and moister environments easier and without causing dramatic issues during acclimatisation and afterwards. Some of the other benefits of softwood species include their unique natural beauty and also the fact they are a more eco-friendly option for solid wood flooring as they are usually locally sourced and sustainably harvested. However, keep in mind that such solid wood flooring is not the best match for commercial spaces and for households with pets and young children as the solid wood flooring can scratch and dent easier than hardwood species. In addition, sanding this type of solid wood flooring should always be done by experienced and knowledgeable professionals since there is a risk of over-sanding some spots.

Hardwood Solid Wood Flooring

In contrast, hardwood species are harvested from trees that grow significantly slower, this is why the texture is more dense and usually more durable and sturdier compared to the softwood species. This type of solid wood flooring will surely last longer and it is a more hard-wearing option. However, such solid wood flooring is also more prone to major issues such as breakage because of the minimised flexibility of the floorboards. In addition, acclimatisation of solid wood flooring hardwood species takes more time.

Solid wood flooring benefits – Appearance

Solid wood flooring benefits – Appearance
Solid wood flooring – why it is so appealing?

Solid wood flooring has survived the test of time and trends with its beautiful and natural appearance. It is easy to fall in love with solid wood flooring and desire have it installed in your home or office.


There is no other floor covering option out there that can create such a unique and special atmosphere as solid wood flooring. It is the ultimate epitome of cosiness, warmth, elegance, beauty. Solid wood flooring naturally can come in a number of colours, textures, and patterns. Add to that fact the flexibility and creativeness the solid wood flooring industry nowadays allows and you can practically have this solid wood flooring of your dreams, complemented by a unique finish, stain, type of treatment, manmade look, pattern.


Solid wood flooring is this aspect of your interior that lives its own life and it will change with time, slightly of significantly changing its natural colour, adding a few new swirls and knots to its pattern, having this unique personality of a story-teller for the generations.

Visually spacious

Solid wood flooring is a perfect choice when you want to make a room appear more spacious and airy. Just make sure to choose the right light colours and pick up a board’s width and length that will add more space to the room visually and solid wood flooring will do a lot for the room.

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History of solid wood flooring
Where to install solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring – softwoods and hardwoods
Solid wood flooring benefits – appearance