Thresholds & Edgings

No hardwood installation project is complete without the right wood flooring accessories. Wood flooring accessories like thresholds and edgings are an important part of your wooden floor, they ensure the functionality of the whole flooring construction, help it be more durable and sturdy, bring comfort and safety when you are using the floor, and, of course, make the floor look more attractive and stunning. Therefore, whenever you are planning a wood floor installation project, make sure to invest in the right flooring accessories. Thresholds and edgings are among the most popular and important flooring accessories so don't miss them.

What Are Thresholds and Endings?

Thresholds and edgings are popular types of flooring accessories. Thresholds and edgings are used as decorative pieces. However, the most important function of thresholds and edgings is to ensure a smooth transition between two floors. Thresholds and edgings can be used as a transition between two of the same types of flooring such as two wooden floors, but thresholds and edgings are also used as a transition between two different types of flooring.

Thresholds and edgings ensure the smooth, neat, and secure join of two types of floor coverings. Thresholds and edgings can be made out of different materials. The most popular types of thresholds and edgings for a wooden floor are the ones made out of wood. This type of thresholds and edgings ensure a seamless look and enhance the beauty of the floor. Wooden thresholds and edgings are available in different colours, textures, and grades to perfectly match the rest of the floor. 

Where Are Thresholds and Edgings Used?

You can find a lot of purposes for thresholds and edgings for your flooring project. The most popular place for thresholds and edgings is usually across doorways - where usually the two-floor coverings meet. However, thresholds and edgings are also used for butting up to full-drop windows and around fireplaces. Keep in mind there are different types of thresholds and edgings that are designed for different types of floors. You should choose your thresholds and edgings depending on the existing types of flooring in your home. 

Why Use Thresholds and Edgings?

Thresholds and edgings serve a few different functions. Besides their most obvious purpose - to make the floor look complete and neat, thresholds and edgings are also important to ensure a smooth and neat transition between two-floor coverings or two floors of the same type and material. This ensures that whenever you are manoeuvring around your home, you won't trip and you will feel overall comfortable and safe. In addition, thresholds and edgings can be used for addressing specific issues such as different floor heights or joining two floating engineered wood or laminate floors. 

Thresholds and Edgings: The Bottom Line

Thresholds and edgings are small detail that you can easily forget about or miss during your floor installation project. However, make sure to invest in these flooring details, because they not only have a decorative purpose, but they are also important for ensuring comfort and safety for your home and whenever you are going from room to room.

This type of flooring accessories are also important for levelling out the height of different types of floors, no matter if you want to transition between a wooden floor and a carpet, wooden floor and tiles, engineered wood floor and laminate, laminate and a carpet, etc. Finally, your floor and its insulation can benefit from this type of flooring accessories. Since they cover the small gaps between two floors, edgings and thresholds improve the insulation of the floor and make your home overall more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

What are thresholds and endings?
Where are thresholds and edgings used?
Why use thresholds and edgings?
Thresholds and edgings: The bottom line