Boen Engineered Wood Flooring

Boen engineered wood flooring is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and durable wood flooring solution. Boen offers a wide range of wood species, grades, patterns and thicknesses with both pre-lacquered and pre-oiled surfaces, making it easy to find a product that suits your individual needs. All engineered boards from Boen are suitable for underfloor heating, providing you with comfortable warmth during the cooler months without sacrificing style. 

At Boen, they take great care to ensure their products come from sustainable forests in order to protect the environment. By choosing Boen engineered wood flooring, you are doing your part in protecting our planet's natural resources while also taking advantage of the world-class quality look and feel offered by their products. 

Boen engineered wood flooring has been created to provide superior strength and stability that you can trust. Boen's Patented X-Press click jointing makes installation easier and quicker than ever, allowing you to enjoy your flooring even sooner. Boen offers the market's widest selection of wood flooring in various grades, textures, colours, and finishes.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of Boen engineered wood flooring is its ability to be sanded down numerous times - up to five times more than other traditional hardwood floors. This means that even after years of wear and tear, you can simply refresh it back to its original look without having to replace it entirely.

Additionally, because engineered wood is made from multiple layers of real wood pressed together in opposite directions, it is less prone to expansion with changes in humidity - this makes it ideal for areas with higher-than-normal humidity levels like bathrooms or kitchens. Boen engineered wood flooring also utilizes a wax impregnation technology which provides lasting protection against moisture penetration - this helps keep your floor looking great for longer! Finally, since engineered wood is so strong, it can handle heavier furniture without becoming damaged or dented like other types of hardwood floors.

For the ultimate quality and beauty in your flooring, choose Boen engineered wood flooring. Come to our showroom in London to experience it firsthand, or reach out to us at 020 88309787 or email to buy Boen online. Elevate your space with Boen today!