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Flooring can come in many ways in terms of colouring, grain, grades, finished and unfinished. Oak though is always a preferred choice as it can be affordable, very durable and easy to work with.

£27.00 ex. Vat, per sqm
£27.51 ex. Vat, per pack

Oak seems to be one of the first choices of any home decorator as it has great benefits over any other type of wood  thanks to its extremely hard wearing capabilities. Picking oak flooring in the form of parquet blocks and opting out for prime grade could give you the desired effect of elegance and warmth Parquet floors differ from the traditional hardwood floorboards as it is specifically cut into smaller pieces and can be laid in various of patterns on of the most common would be the herringbone pattern.

£28.50 ex. Vat, per sqm
£29.33 ex. Vat, per pack

Oak pretty much represents that elegant, old and sophisticated look that would complement every room as an interior design idea. This type of wood is a great choice as its only change over time is a slight darkening like a well-aged wine.

£27.00 ex. Vat, per sqm
£28.67 ex. Vat, per pack

Oak is an excellent choice for flooring as it takes very well to staining and colouring before applying the varnish, also it's not be overlooked the fact that oak is remarkably resistant to insect attacks and fungi. Tumbled blocks mean that each solid wood piece has been under an extra treatment where the pieces and some damaging objects are put into giant drums thus resulting in the blocks and their edges becoming distressed.

£35.40 ex. Vat, per sqm
£36.07 ex. Vat, per pack

Tumbled flooring was created as a term for interior design purposes where a good equivalent of a reclaimed and  used wood was needed. So it was decided a new solid wood should undergo a treatment until it starts to resemble old and distressed flooring.

£37.20 ex. Vat, per sqm
£38.28 ex. Vat, per pack

Presenting you the way to have some unique yet affordable solid oak flooring.  Ready to fit oak mosaic panels of parquet wood flooring (known as well as mosaic fingers flooring) are supplied unfinished and ready for oiling or lacquering.

£25.00 ex. Vat, per sqm
£57.59 ex. Vat, per pack

Beechwood is slightly coarse with straight grain and fine and even texture. Also, it's also as durable as Oak when it comes to hardness.

£20.78 ex. Vat, per sqm
£19.95 ex. Vat, per pack

Kersaint Cobb Cathedral Solid Oak Parquet Flooring, 10x50x250 mm is an unfinished real wood flooring in prime grade providing quality, comfort and warmth. Parquet Flooring has been around since the 18th Century.

£27.50 ex. Vat, per sqm
£61.88 ex. Vat, per pack

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