Kahrs Original Gotaland Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Enjoy old-world charm and beauty in your home. Gotaland collection of flooring is a vintage style 3-strip engineered wood flooring with a flowing scraped and brushed surface that adds character and uniqueness to every space, no matter if domestic or commercial. The randomly scattered saw marks and the bevels designed to frame every of the engineered wood floorboard within this collection are these unique details that show craftsmanship and attention to detail while making the floors really stand out and look stunning.

In addition, this combination creates an effect that blurs the line between 3-strip and full plank. Enjoy a variety of colours and tones, where every person can find the exact floor that best complements the interior of their home. Besides looking amazing, Gotaland engineered wood floors are also extremely durable, hard-wearing, long-lasting and very high quality you will enjoy for years to come.