Kahrs Original Lux Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

You would enjoy the Lux collection of engineered wood flooring by Kahrs for its unique beauty and all the character and distinctive style it will bring to your home or office. Karhs’ Lux collection features stunning one-strip engineered wood floors with the distinctive look and feel of newly sawn and untreated timber that is achieved by the application of high-quality ultra matt finish on the surface of these engineered wood planks. 

With a stunning variety of thirteen different colours and tones, you can easily find the exact look you are looking for in your home or office space by exploring this beautiful range from extra light and elegant colours to dark and dramatic engineered wood floorboards that work as the perfect statement piece to every interior. You can enjoy the classic look of a full plank thanks to four-sided micro beveling at the edging of all engineered wood planks from the Lux collection. Enjoy the silky effect created through the ultra matt finish and a more intensive natural colour while you rest assured your new favourite floor is protected from wear and tear and a number of issues.