Kahrs Sand Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Explore a world of exquisite and stunning white-lacquered and oil-finished engineered wood floors part of the Sand collection by Kahrs. The Sand collection offers a range of sandy-white shades and a great variety of different grades that add a fresh, clean and pared-down feel to your home or office space and complement every interior style and setting with their simple yet attractive style. Easy to maintain in perfect condition, easy to install and easy to enjoy for many decades, the engineered wood floors part of the Sand collection are not just stunning and create a modern and cosy atmosphere wherever they are fitted.

These engineered wood floors come with a really high quality that makes the flooring structures super durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting. Each of the parts of the floor of this collection benefits from an oiled coating that also brings out the natural beauty of the wood species while protecting the surface of the floor from a number of common issues and imperfections. Sand collection engineered wood floors come with a built-in Woodloc fitting system that is an advanced system developed by Kahrs and intended for easier, faster, and more effortless fitting of the floors.