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Kährs Introduced New Additions to Their Collection

With more than 150 years in the business, Kährs is one of the most reliable and the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world. Their innovation, creativity and high quality flooring made them popular and recognisable all over the world.

Kährs have launched three new collections this year- Founders Collection featuring six new beautiful products, Marina collection for people who would enjoy a ship’s deck pattern on their floor and World Naturals Collection with five new products. There are also seven new wood flooring products added to the Harmony Collection, while Kahrs Linnea Dwell and Avanti have been discontinued.

This month they introduced a new range of 10mm one-strip wood floors. Available in a variety of wood grains and surface finishes, Kährs Spirit Range includes the Rugged Collection and Unity Collection, each of them specifically created with the environment in mind.All of them have Kährs multi-layered construction and incorporate an EcoCore - and provide a range of affordable surface options in both rustic and chic contemporary designs.


Source: Kährs