Describe The Quality Flooring With Boen

Boen wood flooring products are available in over 40 countries with Corporate Management based in Norway. The brand name of BOEN is actually a result of combining the resources of BOEN Parkett and Höhns – Das Profilparkett. The BOEN group is continuously keeping its strong position on the market. Oak Antique Flooring

BOEN’s concept prides itself on quality and thoroughness in its product manufacturing. Driven by the desire to produce stable hardwood flooring, BOEN's products undergo constant development.

High performance and dimensional stability are the main features of BOEN’s products. Furthermore, BOEN’s products can endure both extremely dry conditions to high humidity. Environmentally-conscious BOEN has tremendous respect for nature and it's using its resources wisely. 

Product Type

BOEN offers a wide range of engineered wood flooring available in several grades, patterns, thicknesses either with pre-lacquered or pre-oiled surfaces.

The patterns variety involves 3-strip, plank/wide-plank, ships plank/design plank and 1-strip, parquet for alternative patterns like herringbone or individual patterns.

BOEN manufactures engineered hardwood flooring for several methods of installation, including nailing, glueing in tongue and groove, for glueing to the subfloor, self-supporting hardwood flooring, and the easy-to-lay X-press click system.


BOEN flooring comes with 20 years warranty for domestic use.


BOEN engineered wood flooring comprises of a natural hardwood top-layer, a natural spruce softwood middle-layer, a spruce/pine softwood bottom-layer (except for Prestige + Traffic), a surface made out of 6 coats UV cured finish and glue where a High-Frequency technique applies and the Formaldehyde is kept under the E1 standard. Boen Flooring


BOEN's own standards are on average considerably higher than those which are generally practised in the production of engineered hardwood flooring.

ConneXProcess - BOEN has developed an advanced method of planning where the tongue and groove are milled after varnishing. The edges of the board are then sharp and the floor does not have any visible joins when laid.

Product Stability

Reflective to the humidity changes wood continually expands and contracts. The thicker and wider the staves are, the greater the variation. BOEN engineered wood flooring in the multi-layer range has very little convex and concave movement resulting from a combination of narrow strips, correct composition of the blocking layer, a good adhesion process and continuous follow-up based on BOEN's Quality Control System.

Subfloor Heating

Subfloor heating is suitable for hardwood flooring with a thickness of 15 mm except for  Beech and Maple which have an extensive ability to expand and retract when exposed to varying temperatures and humidity and these species are not suitable for installation with underfloor heating.