Junckers HP800 Sport Lacquer, Satin, 5L

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Junckers HP800 Sport Lacquer, Satin, 5L (formerly Junckers HP Sport Satin, 5L) is a premium two-component, water-based, 100% polyurethane lacquer engineered for exceptionally high-traffic sports flooring applications. This top-tier product is suitable for both previously sealed surfaces and new or fully sanded floors, offering a versatile solution for various sports facility needs.

When applying Junckers HP800 Sport Lacquer to bare wood or a newly sanded floor, it is important to first prime the surface with one of Junckers' primer products before applying the finishing top coat. Please note that this two-component lacquer requires mixing with the hardener before use. HP800 Sport Lacquer is intended for professional use only.

Why choose HP800 Sport Lacquer

  • Approved by FIBA (International Basketball Federation) for use on sports floors where basketball is played at competition levels 1 and 2.
  • Complies with the friction requirements of EN 14904 for multi-purpose sports floors, ensuring optimal traction and safety.
  • With its non-yellowing formula, exceptional durability, scuff resistance, and ultra-fast curing times, Junckers HP800 Sport Lacquer delivers unparalleled performance.

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Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 10-12m²/L
Drying Time Approx. 3 hours at 20°C and 50% RH
Application Tools Roller/Brush
Code 164511

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