Blanchon Solid Oil, Natural, 0.25 L

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Blanchon Solid Oil is uniquely formulated hard wax oil that impregnated in-depth, nourishes and protects the floor from dirt and moisture. It brings out the beautiful natural warmth and traditional matt finish of oiled floors. 

Blanchon Solid Oil can be applied on all commonly used woods, quick and pleasant due to exception refurnishing and low odour emissions. Not suitable for outdoor use! 

Blanchon Solid Oil doesn't need to be diluted, it's ready to use. It should always be applied in the direction of the wood grain with silk brush, graining brush, smooth spatula or roller. 

Do not cover or lay rugs onto the area during the 10 days following application. Do not move any heavy objects or chair legs that could mark the floor.

Drying time: approximately 12 hours

Coverage: 7-9 m2 


Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 7-9 m2
Drying Time approx. 12 hours
Application Tools Roller, brush
Pack Size 0. 25 L
Colour Natural
Code 03102809

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