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Loba EasyPrime Primer, 5L

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 CODE: 118329

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Loba WS EasyPrime is a fast-drying waterborne primer for all European and many exotic types of wood. Due to the high solid content, it creates a primed surface with high filling properties. Further advantages: Avoids streaking, The side-bonding tendency of waterborne finishes is reduced and promotes minimal grain raise.

  • Unique flow-properties
  • 100% free of roller marks!
  • Water-based
  • Beautiful deep natural colour
  • Low solvent and free of NMP
  • Quick-drying
  • No mixing
  • No odours
  • 1 primer for all types of wooden floors (except Iroko/Kambala) 
  • Consumption: 5L for 40 - 50m²
  • Packaging (article nr.): 5L (118329)

The Lobadur WS EasyPrime has unique flow properties that are very similar to lacquer. Because the primer flows like water, it makes it very easy to use and the chances of errors occurring are greatly reduced. This produces outstanding results on irregular porous woods such as beech and maple.

The resulting surface appears to have more depth, the risk of roller marks, as mentioned earlier, is highly reduced and an excellent finish is guaranteed. The main reason this product produces this effect is that it creates a film layer, in contrast to normal primers and results in an insulating effect. The use of different primers for different species belongs in the past. The Lobadur WS EasyPrime can be applied to all common species except Iroko / Kambala and enhances the natural colour of the wood.

product barcode 4014701616107


Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 8-12m²/L
Component Base One Component
Drying Time 3-4 hours
Application Tools Brush, mohair roller, spray equipment
Pack Size 5L
Colour Natural
Drying Component Water-Based
Code 118329

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