Junckers HP Sport Linemarking, White, 2.3L

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Junckers HP Sport Linemarking, White, 2.3L (formerly HP Sportsline) is a 2-component water-based paint for marking court lines and colouring other areas on wooden floors in gymnasiums and sports halls.

Recommended on floors previously sealed with Junckers HP Sports Lacquer and Junckers Pre-Finished Lacquered Floors.

The paint can be mixed to obtain other colours. To avoid colour differences, it is recommended to use colours of the same batch number.

When colours need to be toned, mix the necessary amount of paint for the full area before starting.

  • Marking of court lines: 120m x 5cm, approx. 1litre
  • Handball court: approx. 2 litres
  • Basketball court: approx. 2 litres for marking of court lines. Approx. 26 litres for the surrounding coloured areas. 

Mixing: 10 parts of  HP Sport Linemarking to 1.5 parts of hardener.

This product can be found in clear, white, yellow, red, blue, green and black colours.


Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage 6-8m²/L
Component Base Two Component
Drying Time 16-72 hours
Pot Life 2 hours
Application Tools Roller/Brush
Storage and Transportation Store at 20°C
Pack Size 2.3L
Colour White
Drying Component Water-Based
Code 123500

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