Balterio Flooring Video Tutorials

Watch Balterio video guides and tutorials on floor fitting, cleaning and maintenance. Explore interesting flooring facts and hot tips with our help. With our help find the floor that best fits your personality - discover all Balterio laminate flooring we offer. 

Balterio Hydroshield
Laying the collections with FitXpress®
Fitting skirting - Wallbase
Fitting mouldings - Adapting profile
Subfloor - Preparing the subfloor
Straight V-groove
Radiator pipes - Laying laminate around radiator pipes
Fitting skirting - Scotia
Random V-groove
Fitting skirting - Skirting
Fitting skirting - Parquet skirting
Laminate Flooring - Panoramic Design
Fitting mouldings - Connecting profile
Underlayment - Underlay on a roll
Underlayment - Folded underlay
Maintaining your laminate floor
True-to-nature touch
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - Narrow Planks
Micro V-groove
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - Handscraped
Fitting mouldings - End profile
Laminate under a door - Ending at a door
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - DropXpress
Laminate under a door - Starting from the door
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - ClickXpress
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - Chromezone
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - 3D Wood Effect