Balterio Flooring Video Tutorials

Balterio Hydroshield
Laying the collections with FitXpress®
Fitting skirting - Wallbase
Fitting mouldings - Adapting profile
Subfloor - Preparing the subfloor
Straight V-groove
Radiator pipes - Laying laminate around radiator pipes
Fitting skirting - Scotia
Random V-groove
Fitting skirting - Skirting
Fitting skirting - Parquet skirting
Laminate Flooring - Panoramic Design
Fitting mouldings - Connecting profile
Underlayment - Underlay on a roll
Underlayment - Folded underlay
Maintaining your laminate floor
True-to-nature touch
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - Narrow Planks
Micro V-groove
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - Handscraped
Fitting mouldings - End profile
Laminate under a door - Ending at a door
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - DropXpress
Laminate under a door - Starting from the door
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - ClickXpress
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - Chromezone
BALTERIO Laminate Flooring - 3D Wood Effect