Osmo Oil

Osmo wood oil finishes protect the interior and exterior wood, in a variety of colours and tones. Whether you are looking to stain, colour, or keep the natural look of your wood, Osmo has a product for you. Flooring, furniture, kitchen worktops, window frames, sheds, decking and garden furniture can all be protected with Osmo finishes.

Osmo Oils and wood care products are great for getting long-lasting results on interior and exterior woodwork. All Osmo Oil products have been designed to be easy to use, so even inexperienced DIYers can achieve the desired outcome.

Wood floor products by Osmo oil ensure a long-lasting and hard-wearing beauty and protection for all floors made out of solid wood and engineered wood. Wood is a natural material and this is why it has a response to the changes in its environment. Wood’s porous structure can be strongly affected by moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations, especially if there are dramatic changes in the floor’s environment. In order to ensure that the destructive effect of moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations are minimized, Osmo oil is designed as strong and lasting protection that balances and harmonizes with bare wood and ensures the preservation of its natural color and texture. Osmo oil products are created with natural oils and waxes. Therefore, Osmo oils are absolutely safe and non-toxic products that are the perfect protection and maintenance for real wood flooring and also for the safety and comfort of everyone in the space, no matter if it comes to a domestic or commercial setting.

Osmo oil is designed to penetrate into the porous structure of wood. Therefore, Osmo oil is not simply creating a hard-wearing protective layer on the surface of the floor but also ensures long protection, strength, and durability from within. As a result, Osmo oil ensures a hard-wearing, lasting, strong, and durable floor that you can enjoy for many, many years. Osmo oil creates a flexible surface layer with miniature pores that ensures bare wood is extra protected from dramatic changes in the environment along with high traffic and heavy footfall. By this, Osmo oil protects real wood floors from premature wear and tear and other issues.

Osmo Oil – Visual Advantages

Osmo oil – visual advantages
How Osmo oil improve the appearance of wood floors

One of the main advantages of Osmo oil and other oil finish products on the market is their natural look. Unlike any other floor finish option on the market, Osmo oil highlights and emphasizes the natural beauty of wood, amplifying wood’s natural color and texture. As a result, you are able to enjoy a real wood floor that is naturally beautiful, elegant, and stylish, but also durable, hard-wearing, and protected.

Osmo Oil – Natural and Eco-friendly Protection

Osmo oil – natural and eco-friendly protection
Osmo oil – friendly to the family, friendly to nature

Osmo oil wood floor finishing product is based on absolutely natural, eco-friendly, and non-harmful vegetable oils and waxes, including sunflower, soybean, linseed, saffron oils. As a result of the natural ingredients, Osmo oil products are the perfect solution for both real wood and the entire family. In fact, Osmo oil contains such a safe and non-toxic list of ingredients that the waxes used for designing it are included in the list of safe ingredients in the agro-food sector. Besides natural and safe, the high-quality oils and waxes of Osmo oil ensure an easy and smooth application. Therefore, Osmo oil and its application can be considered as a DIY project. In addition, Osmo oil is hypoallergenic, which means it is completely safe and comfortable for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

Osmo Oil – Benefits

Osmo oil – benefits
Explore the benefits of osmo oil

Unlike other wood floor finishing products such as lacquers and polyurethane, Osmo oil creates a natural and protective structure on the surface of the floor that works as a strong barrier against dramatic changes in the environment. Along with the top protective layer, Osmo oil penetrates into the wood’s porous structure and ensure durability and strength from within. As a result, Osmo oil contributes to creating a smooth, even, and natural surface that allows real wood to breathe and respond naturally to its environment without experiencing damages and issues. Osmo oil floor finishing products guarantee that the wooden floors will be highly resistant to wear and tear, moisture-resistant and prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and allergens. Thanks to the natural ingredients, Osmo oil maintains real wood in perfect condition, flexible and strong, preventing dryness that can lead to some issues such as squeaking, but also breakage.

Some of the main advantages of Osmo oil include:

  • Natural ingredients – Osmo oil is an absolutely safe and eco-friendly solution that contributes to a healthier life for the whole family, including young children and pets.
  • High quality – Osmo oil is designed with the help of high-quality natural oils and waxes and ensures lasting, hard-wearing protection for solid wood and engineered wood floors.
  • Good investment – Osmo oil allows for a perfect, even, and uniform coverage without the need of using too much product or additional products that will cost you more money.
  • Variety – Osmo oil’s product range offers a good variety of transparent and colored wood floor finishing oils that will complement the natural beauty of the wooden floor.
  • Flexibility – Osmo oil can be used for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Long-lasting and hard-wearing

Osmo Oil – Cost-efficiency and Value for Your Money

Osmo oil – cost-efficiency and value for your money
How is Osmo oil a smart investment?

Osmo oil finishes have a high saturation of oils and pigments and have a better and more efficient coverage compared to the classic wood floor stains and finishing products. With Osmo oil the perfect and even coverage will be achieved with 1 to 2 layers of product, no primer application required beforehand. Besides saving a lot of money from additional costs, Osmo oil also helps you save your time. Unlike other finishing products on the market, Osmo oil is applied quickly and easily and the drying time is minimized completely. You will be ready to use the floor in only 4 hours and enjoy it. Choosing Osmo oil you are making a good investment. Working with the finishing product is so easy it can be effectively attempted as a DIY project.

Osmo Oil – No Sanding Needed

Osmo oil – no sanding needed
Forget about messy floor sanding with Osmo oil

Gone are the days of the messy and time-consuming wood floor sanding. With Osmo oil, you don’t have to worry about sanding the floor’s surface. Once the surface is treated with Osmo oil, you just need to maintain it every now and then by re-applying the product. The finishing oil is also a great option for re-application in certain spots of the floor that have experienced more wear and tear than others. Even with spot application, you will be able to enjoy an even and uniform surface of the floor.

Osmo oil - visual advantages
Osmo oil - natural and eco-friendly protection
Osmo oil - benefits
Osmo oil - cost-efficiency and value for your money
Osmo oil - no sanding needed