High Performance Wood Floor Fillers

Great selection of interior and exterior wood floor fillers from established brands. All Wood Floor Fillers are either water-based or solvent-based. Solvent-based fillers are more common, they are used by professionals and non-professionals. The Solvent-based filler dries faster and shrinks less than the water-based filler.

Nowadays water-based filler is growing popularity because it does not emit solvent fumes and it’s environmentally-friendly. It takes longer to dry but it is as good as the solvent-based filler.

  • Wood Floor Filler for big gaps, marks or holes – it needs to be mixed up with a fine saw dust, collected during the sanding process, in order to create a mixture with which you’ll fill in the gaps. This is the most reliable way to match the color of your own wood.
  • Wood Floor Filler for scratches, minor gaps, or stains – these fillers are specially designed to make less visible scratches or minor gaps. They come in a wide variety of colors. They are easy to apply and you can mix colors in order to get the right shade to match your flooring color.

Please note, wood floor filler is developed to camouflage small gaps and minor scratches in the wooden floor, it cannot repair the scratches. The floor filler can’t make large gaps disappear – it will make them less visible. Bare in mind, the wood filler is a temporarily solution because the size of the gaps changes all year long and the filler is not elastic enough to swell and shrink.