Chene 4-v Groove Laminate Flooring

Chene is a brand offering a great choice of high-quality flooring and the company is known for the wonderful and authentic-looking laminate flooring they are providing to clients.

Chene 4-v Groove laminate flooring is one of the starts of their series of products. Chene 4-v Groove range of laminate floors comes with amazing quality and a built-in click-lock installation system that makes fitting these laminate floors easy even for DIY-ers. In addition, Chene 4-v Groove laminate floors come with an amazing and strong resistance to scratches, marks and high traffic.

Having a Chene 4-v Groove laminate floor is easy-breezy, as cleaning is quick and fast and keeping your laminate floor by Chene in perfect condition is effortless. Thanks to their sealed surface, these laminate floors are not going to gather dirt between the laminate planks. Chene 4-v Groove laminate floors create the look of authentic wooden surfaces. The range of floors comes with a great variety of colours and designs, while the grooves every laminate plank comes with give you that charming and beautiful appearance of classic solid wood flooring, but without you splurging on a real wood floor.