Egger Future Retro Collection

In the rapidly changing world of digitalisation, there is still a yearning for old and trusted values and timeless classics. Egger’s Future Retro collection pays homage to this idea in its modern interpretation of classic textures such as marble, terrazzo, and walnut. With its collection of 20 designs, the range combines past and future influences to create an eye-catching look that works well in both traditional and contemporary interiors. 

The collection features a variety of floor coverings crafted from high-quality materials for superior performance and style. Each design replicates natural stone textures with painstaking attention to detail, such as intricate veining and complex patterns. The result is a sophisticated aesthetic combined with unbeatable durability - a perfect combination for busy spaces in need of dustproof flooring that's easy to maintain. 

Egger Future Retro collection is a great choice for all of your needs with its natural resistance to bacteria reproduction. Thanks to the melamine resin surface, no chemical agents are needed to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria. This makes the Future Retro a great choice for any home, business or public space that wants a flooring solution with enhanced protection against the spread of germs and bacteria.

The melamine-resin surface provides an antibacterial barrier without unhealthy chemicals, giving you peace of mind that your family, employees or visitors are safe from unnecessary health risks associated with other conventional floorings. Not only is it safer than other floorings, but it also has an attractive appearance that adds warmth and style to any room. With a wide range of colours and patterns available, you can choose the perfect look for your space. And thanks to its durability, this type of flooring is sure to last for years with minimal maintenance required. Egger Future Retro collection provides a beautiful yet practical solution for any environment looking to enhance safety while still enjoying high-quality visuals.

Egger’s Future Retro collection is the perfect way to bring together elements of past and present in your home or workspace while ensuring long-lasting performance. Combining distinctive styling with unbeatable practicality makes it the ideal choice for creating beautiful yet hard-wearing flooring that will stand the test of time.