Lifestyle Camden Premium Laminate Flooring

Looking for a unique design for your home while still enjoying functionality and comfort? Camden Premium collection of laminate flooring by Lifestyle is right up your alley. 

With a range of nine stunning and unique designs, Camden Premium flooring is truly a feature for your home that will bring a lot of character, distinctive style and charm to your home or office at a very affordable price. Camden Premium collection of laminate floors by Lifestyle is not just looking and affordability. The main characteristic of the floors that are part of this range is their unbeatable durability, high quality and resistance to scratches, impact, moisture. All these characteristics make Camden Premium floors the perfect choice for practically any space of your home, even rooms with higher moisture content and temperature fluctuations such as the kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Camden Premium collection offers a selection of nine amazing designs in different colours and designs that are made to perfectly mimic real wood flooring.