Quickstep Impressive Collection

Quickstep Impressive waterproof laminate is the next generation of laminate flooring, boasting an array of features that make it an ideal choice for homeowners. Not only does it look incredibly stylish and resemble real wood thanks to its real wood effect bevel and deeply textured grains, but it is also 100% water-resistant, making it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, Quickstep Impressive laminate is highly durable and scratch resistant, providing you with a long-lasting finish that will retain its original colour even under high foot traffic areas.

The installation is quick and hassle-free - the sleek planks can be joined together with the patented Uniclic system. Quickstep Impressive laminate flooring is energy efficient as it helps keep your house warm in winter due to its insulating properties. All in all, this versatile product is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home decor with a timeless style at an affordable price.

If you want to add a touch of natural beauty and luxury to your home without breaking the bank, Quickstep Impressive waterproof laminate is the perfect flooring option. Not only does it offer a variety of realistic wood looks, but it also has a waterproof construction that provides reliable protection against spills. This means that this type of laminate flooring won't be damaged by liquid or moisture, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, with its advanced click system installation, you can easily install it yourself in just a few hours.

Quickstep Impressive offers both style and affordability, allowing you to have the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to its scratch-resistant coating, this type of flooring stand up well against scuffs and scrapes for long-term use. Additionally, its eco-friendly construction meets global standards for low VOC emissions so you can enjoy healthy indoor air quality for years to come. 

All these features make Quickstep Impressive ideal for any room in the house - from the kitchen to the living room - as well as commercial settings such as retail stores or offices. Its impressive design and longevity make it an ideal choice if you're looking to upgrade your flooring without spending too much money. So go ahead and get the look of real wood without having to pay for expensive hardwood materials!