The Quick-Step Laminate Flooring: Designed to Achieve Efficiency

quick-step logoQuickStep is worlds biggest name in laminate flooring today. Since it's establishment, this popular laminate flooring owned by one of the world's largest flooring distributors, has been always ahead of competitors with innovation in durability and creativity of finishes. QuickStep offers over 180 laminated flooring products available through variaty of sizes, finishes and applications and split in over dozen product ranges. Each product range offers different specification, but all QuickStep products are splash and scratch resistant.

Here are some of Quick-Step's Laminate flooring ranges:

  • Classic - QuickStep's most popular and affordable range, 8 mm, non-grooved planks
  • Creo - another 7 mm, non-grooved selection with plenty of "colourful" choice
  • Impressive - waterproof, extra embossed, wide, extra-matt plank available in 8 mm and 12 mm. QuickStep's most impressive range.
  • Perspective - flagship range in 9.5 mm, wide and grooved plank
  • Eligna - same with and finishes from Perspective range in 8 mm thick, non-grooved plank
  • Elite - medium width, grooved plank in 8 mm with rich textures and colours
  • Vogue - medium width, grooved plank in 9.5 mm with rich textures and colours
  • Largo - QuickStep's widest and longest plank comes grooved, in 9.5 mm thickness and 205 mm width
  • Exquisa & Arte - beautiful tiles in wooden and stone effect

Flooring Centre offers a laminate fitting service with all our laminate flooring products.