V4 Deco Plank Collection

Deco Plank by V4 is a range of ultra-modern engineered wood floors that are designed to bring contemporary beauty, style and elegance to your home or commercial space. These exquisitely crafted engineered wooden floors by V4 feature a robust, high-quality oak top layer which is lightly brushed in order to bring out the natural grain of the wood to provide an aesthetic that is both unique and timelessly elegant. When installed, these engineered wood floors are sure to make any interior look more modern and refined. 

The Deco Plank collection from V4 also features highly durable construction that can withstand heavy daily foot traffic and other wear and tear caused by everyday use. The oak top layer is carefully treated with a UV-resistant finish allowing it to withstand varying temperature fluctuations and resist fading over time so you can enjoy your floor’s gorgeous appearance for years to come. Additionally, all boards in the Deco Plank collection come pre-finished with a bevelled edge for easier installation and less mess during the process. 

Overall, when looking for an engineered wood floor with plenty of character as well as modern elegance then Deco Plank from V4 should certainly be considered. With its sophisticated design and unbeatable durability, it will surely make any interior look stunning without ever having to worry about maintenance or fading over time.

The engineered wood planks from the Deco Plank collection by V4 are treated with wood lye, a natural bleaching agent, which transforms the colour of the floor. As a result, the top layers of each plank become deeply lustred and distinctive, creating an array of oak tones ranging from light beige to dark chestnut. Moreover, this collection also provides you with plenty of grain variations, giving you more options when it comes to finding your ideal floor. In addition to its beautiful aesthetic appeal, this highly advanced engineered wood is also extremely durable and long-lasting.

Thanks to its multi-layered construction and special treatment process, it can withstand even the toughest wear and tear for many years. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance compared to other types of floors, making it a great choice for busy households or commercial spaces. On top of all that, this collection is also very easy to install - whether you choose DIY installation or professional help - and no specialist tools are required for the job. All in all, Deco Plank offers you an amazing opportunity to find the exact floor that you have always dreamed of; one that will add beauty and elegance as well as practicality and durability to your home or office space.