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Balterio Flooring


Balterio was founded in 2001 by Baltagroup and Spanogroup. The former is the 2nd largest European floor covering producer and 6th worldwide, whereas Spanogroup is a world leader in the production of MDF, HDF, Fibreboard and OSB. Present day Balterio is one of the top laminate flooring producers in the world. They bring a great quality for a reasonable price and in addition, their automotive production ensures a flexible service. Balterio laminate floors can be found at the markets in 55 countries, with their export making up to 97.5 % of the production volume.
Balterio has been mentioned by Trends Gazellen 2004 as one of the fastest growing big companies in the province of West-Vlaanderen, Belgium in 2004, 2005, 2006. A year later, in 2007, they have been nominated as the fastest growing company in the province of Namur-Luxemburg, Belgium. Moreover, Balterio has been granted numerous awards – the award for "Best Trade Marketing Campaign" at the National Floor Show in Harrogate, United Kingdom in 2005; "Best Overseas Supplier" at the National Floor Show in Harrogate, United Kingdom in 2006; "Best Stand Design" on the Mosbuild exhibition in Moscow and "Best Overseas Supplier" in UK by Retail Floors in 2008. In 2009 Balterio officially launched their sustainable entrepreneurship programme “Embrace the future”. The laminate floors production has gained the ISO 9001 certification the same year which proves its high quality. Balterio is also voted as “Best Laminate floor” by “Interiors Monthly”, UK. 

Product Type

Balterio laminate floors are a quality product with an incredibly durable and wear-resistant surface.

By Collection

Balterio laminates offer a wide range of collections with exquisite quality, and below you can find their names as well as their respective most prominent features.

  • Grandeur – luxurious extra-long and wide planks suitable for spacious areas with outstanding quality!
  • Magnitude – With the Chromezone® technology, the wood grains show a radiant lustre on a matt surface. All four sides have a micro V-groove. Magnificent reflections make for an enhancing look! Number one laminate floor!
  • Tradition Sapphire – Sapphire is famous for its beauty and hardness. This laminate reflects those properties on itself. The products have a V-groove and a hand-scraped finish. A real jewel amongst laminate flooring!
  • Tradition Elegant – Traditional and contemporary. Comfort and elegance. Micro V-groove on the long side or all 4 sides of the plank.
  • Tradition Exotic - Mysterious and authentic African style. Dark exotic wood. Totally life-like. Planks have a micro -V- groove on all four sides.
  • Tradition Elite - Elegant and slender boards with 131.5 mm width will visually pull the room space wide open.
  • Tradition Sculpture - Hand-crafted wood structure, different light reflection, bevelled sides.
  • Tradition Quattro - Authentic look and feel with a 4-sided V-groove.
  • Tradition Duo - Authentic V-grooved edges. Tradition, rustic and exotic wood grain decors are available.
  • Conference - Excellent for high traffic spaces in the catering industry or other similar fields,  this range possesses the utmost wear resistance!
  • Authentic Style Plus - Timeless and expressive wood with warm radiance!
  • Senator - With a brushed or woodgrain structure, the Senator range will bring a sense of class to your home.
  • Pure Stone - Trendy and authentic, the Pure Stone laminate with its large dimensions will contribute to a more spacious look in every room.
By Decor choice
  • Wood type

      According to the wood type, Balterio laminates are available in oak, maple, cherry, exotic, tiles and other.

  • Colour

      Light, neutral and dark colours available.

By Finish

  • Micro, straight, random and no V-groove planks offered. Narrow and long planks. Tiles.


Balterio strives to provide stylish and durable laminate flooring, honouring reliable warranties. Coupled with meeting strict production standards, Balterio offers 10-year to lifetime warranties.

Balterio offers a warranty for residential and commercial use, which includes materials and manufacturing defects. The warranty is in effect from the date of purchase and is valid only for the original purchaser. Claims should be submitted together with the original dated invoice stamped by the distributor. Customers should report defects within 8 days of buying the flooring and should refrain from installing defective planks. Complaints are will not be accepted after the 8-day period. In the case of a valid warranty, laminate will be replaced. No installation or removal of the costs of the laminate floor, or other expenses, such as travelling will be reimbursed. The warranty duration is stated clearly on the packaging of every product.


Balterio laminate floors possess a strong HDF core board and a wear-resistant surface.

Advantages of Balterio Laminate floors

  • Scratch-, moisture- and stain-resistant;
  • Out of health concerns, Balterio laminates contain 10 times less formaldehyde than the E1-norm;
  • Safety-oriented Balterio laminate flooring scores 45% better than the norm in slip-resistance;
  • Energy-saving, due to their compatibility with underfloor heating with any ‘water type’ system. Moreover, Balterio laminate floors are a good heat conductor;
  • Wear-resistant;
  • Impact-resistant;
  • Cigarette proof;
  • Minimum ignitability with a fully fire-retardant laminate floor offered, Balterio being the first manufacturer of such floors;
  • Dimensionally stable thanks to the high-quality core boards;