Balterio Cleaning And Maintenance Guide

Balterio Flooring Cleaning
Proper maintenance will preserve your Balterio laminate flooring for years to come.
  • Avoiding contact with dirt, sand, grit and substances such as oil or asphalt is crucial. You can achieve that by placing carpets and doormats at the front- and backdoor.
  • Floor protectors and furniture wheels with a large ground surface are strongly recommended in order to restrict the effect of heavy objects.
  • Keep the indoor humidity within 40 and 60 % limits year round to restrain wood expansion or contraction.
  • Avoid cutting into your flooring by sharp object. Ensure that your chairs have soft rubber wheels if any.
  • As the surface of Balterio laminate flooring is durable and wear resistant, avoid additional treatments as sanding, varnishing, polishing.
  • Due to their hard and closed surface Balerio laminate floors do not need regular mopping. Only once in a while is just enough and will help to prevent damage to your floor.

Cleaning Guide:

  • Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt
  • Clean the floor with a dry dust cloth
  • Replace the dust cloth when needed
  • Use a laminate cleaner to remove leftover dirt
  • At last clean the floor with a slightly damp cloths as many times as your floor requires
Daily Use: Dry Cleaning
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or dry dust cloths.
  • Clean along the length of the panel in a zigzag motion.
Intensive Use: Slightly Damp Cloth Cleaning
  • Avoid wet cleaning as it may damage your laminate flooring. Slightly damp cloth will do a better and safer job.
  • Clean along the length of the panels with no pressure.
  • Finish off with a clean cotton cloth.