About Bona

Bona Design

Wooden floors are so unique they can enhance the personality of a room! Whether you are creating an exclusive shiny look for a shop, a cosy rustic feel for a kitchen, or a wear-proof surface for a sports hall, Bona products can achieve just what you need. A range of Bona finishes is available to suit your interior design. Bona focuses on design and performance when developing wooden floor treatments. Depending on the expected foot traffic of the floors, Bona offers a variety of wood floor varnishing products like Bona Mega wood floor lacquer, Bona Traffic wood floor lacquer and Bona Novia wood floor lacquer.  Whatever your requirements, Bona can provide a tailored solution to meet your practical needs as well as your design.

Design as Function

When designing the surface of a wooden floor, there are many factors to consider. Design is about more than the appearance – it should also be about the floor’s function. Durability, sheen level, colour, time available for maintenance, friction and slip resistance should all be taken into account when specifying a coating. It’s all about the interaction between product and floor, creating the surface that’s right for you. Bona is focused on design and performance when developing its wooden floor treatment products. Bona was the first to introduce waterborne finishes and a completely NMP-free product range. All Bona Mega, Bona Traffic and Bona Novia varnishes are waterborne finishes. The world's first Bona Naturale enables the contractor to finish the floor with just two coats and the consumer to protect it, without compromising its true natural look or its wear resistance.

The ultimate design and durability is achieved when the floors are maintained with the appropriate Bona products while using Bona sanding machines like the Bona Belt Sander and Bona Edge.

Good is never good enough

Bona is a company driven by innovation and continuous improvement. Bona products and Bona sanding machines are constantly improved to respond to the ever-increasing customer’s expectations. They aim to create products that work perfectly together – synergizing Bona sanding machines, abrasives, Bona lacquers, Bona hardwax and Bona maintenance products. To do this, Bona has extensive research& development departments in Sweden, Germany and the USA. They have also established Reference Teams consisting of researchers, distributors and contractors that meet and discuss important topics concerning Bona products. The Reference Teams test and look at the Bona varnishes, Bona sanding machines and Bona supplies with the same critical eye they expect from the customers. Bona is focused on creating products that keep their customers satisfied in the long run. For them, good is never good enough.

Leadership means responsibility

As a leading player in the market, Bona takes responsibility towards the environment and our customers seriously. This is why Bona is fully engaged in all environmental issues related to all Bona products and Bona sanding Machines. For example, they pioneered and are still at the forefront of the development of waterborne finishes. Bona Mega is a prime example of a waterborne finish that offers outstanding performance while remaining the most environmentally friendly choice. Bona Traffic and Bona Novia are also examples of waterborne finishes. The production sites in Sweden and Germany are also environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001. When using or specifying any Bona product, you can be assured that all environmental responsibilities have been fulfilled and even sometimes exceeded.

Better Environment

Bona also works for a better working environment for their customers. For example, floor sanding used to be heavy going for contractors, but Bona sanding machines and Bona abrasives have made the work a great deal easier. Bona sanding machines are also ergonomically designed to make lifting and working less stressful to the user’s back. They also offer a dust-free dust containment system that ensures dust-free sanding, thereby avoiding irritation to users. Of course, Bona waterborne finishes also make a massive improvement to contractors’ working conditions.


Bona takes a new step in our environmental work, in connection with the milestone of ceasing sales of solvent-based finishes in the EU. “On Track for Sustainability” reflects Bona’s environmental work for the craftsman, specifier and floor user. Bona’s mission is to bring out the best in wooden floors. Bona is a family-owned company founded in 1919. A long-term ownership has enabled them to work with a long-term commitment to innovation based on concern and respect. Bona always innovates with a longer, sustainable perspective in mind, considering the floor, the craftsman and the indoor and outside environment. They strive to continuously launch better Bona products with less environmental impact. This has led to breakthrough innovations from waterborne finishes in the 1970s to dust-free sanding in the 2000s. Today, Bona offers a full range of environmentally sound products for sanding, finishing, fastening and maintaining a wooden floor – throughout its lifetime.