Advantages of UV Oil Finish

Benefits of UV oil finishThe best finish you can choose for your favourite wooden floor is not only going to enhance its natural beauty and give it a beautiful sheen, highlighting the prettiness of its colour and texture. The best finish will mostly focus on providing amazing and hard-wearing protection and will give the floor more durability and long-lasting power. Polyurethane finish remains popular to this day because they are known for their amazing durability and lasting power. However, UV oil finishes gain more and more popularity in recent years, mostly attracting clients and customers with a variety of benefits they ensure. So when you are looking for a distinct and beautiful finish that guarantees a lot of benefits for your wooden floor, make sure to consider a UV oil wood floor finish too.


The majority of homeowners who have invested in a wooden floor do so and choose this type of flooring exactly because they enjoy the natural beauty and appearance of the authentic material. However, some of the popular wood floor finishes are designed in a way so they change the colour and texture of the wooden floorboards visually. This is something not all owners of a wooden floor would enjoy since sometimes the natural look is the best one. A great way to allow the natural beauty of the floor to stand out yet still enjoy the protective power of a finish is choosing a UV oil finish. A high-quality UV oil finish is a great choice whenever you want to keep the distinctive look, colour, grain, and natural pattern of the wooden floorboards. Thanks to this type of finish you can get and enjoy this sense of genuine beauty and elegance of wood so you can fully enjoy it for years and years and fully appreciate your investment. A UV oil finish is designed to enhance and richen the natural colour of wood without alternating it and changing it.

Smooth Surface 

Compared to high gloss lacquer and varnish finishes, UV oil finishes create a smoother and more comfortable surface. While high gloss finishes tend to create a cooler glossy surface, UV oil finishes tend to be associated with a warmer surface of the floor that is soothing for your bare feet and feels significantly more comfortable during the winter months. What makes oil finishes different from the rest of the offers on the market is that oil finishes are sealers and penetrate into the structure of wood where they crystalize within the fibres and leave a transparent and smooth topcoat on the surface of the floor. The soft matte effect on the surface not only looks beautiful and it is easier to maintain and keep clean, but it also camouflages smaller imperfections such as scratches so the floor looks brand new for longer and does not show signs of wear and tear too soon.

Durability and Easy Upkeep

One of the main advantages of a UV oil finish comes from the soft matte effect it creates and how natural it looks. As we have already mentioned, unlike high gloss finishes, oil ones are very good at camouflaging all sorts of smaller imperfections on the surface of the floor, which means your floor will look like new for longer. In addition, this type of finish is pretty easy to keep clean and in good condition, because high gloss finishes show even the smallest dirt or dust particle and make it seem very obvious, while this won't be a problem with the soft finish of an oil sealant. In addition, oil finishes are great when it comes to ensuring enough durability and strength for your wooden floor. Its protective power is amazing since it penetrates into the structure of the wooden floorboards. Unlike other types of finishes that create a protective coat only on the surface of the floor, oil-based sealants also ensure protection and durability from within. The additionally added UV filter prevents fading or yellowing of the colour of wood that often can happen with floors exposed to too much sunlight. 

Another good reason to choose this type of finish for your floor is the fact that oil finishes do not require sanding before the process of refinishing. That is right, you don't have to deal with a messy and stressful service of sanding and the finish can simply be recoated on top of the surface without any other preparation beforehand.