DIY Gap Filling and Choosing the Right Products

DIY Gap Filling and Choosing the Right ProductsReal wood floors are designed to last for many decades and be durable, solid, sturdy, keep their structural integrity. These are some of the many reasons why so many people love and invest in wood floors. However, one important aspect of wood flooring you would like to understand in-depth before making this investment is the fact that wood is a natural material. Even when cut into floorboards and wooden blocks, wood keeps its natural response to changes in its environment to some extent.

This means that dramatic changes in the environment of your wooden floor as well as very high level and content of indoor humidity and moisture, temperature fluctuations, excessive use of the floor such as very high traffic, heavy footfall, and more, can lead to this natural response of wood. While there are some major issues that can possibly happen over time and due to the reasons mentioned above, the most you can expect from your wooden floor is contraction and expanding of the floorboards.

This natural "movement" of the wooden floorboards is usually a result of the higher content of moisture and humidity indoors. Thankfully, in most cases, the floorboards have full control over this movement and they can be back in shape very soon. However, over time, the structural integrity of the floor might be slightly affected and gaps may start occurring between the floorboards. While these gaps themselves are not a reason for you to panic and assume your floor is already too old and worn to function properly and be safe, they still need to be taken care of at some point.

A professional gap filling service is focused on doing exactly that - taking care of all smaller and wider gaps that may appear between the boards of your floor, between the boards and the walls, etc. Gap filling is designed to improve the structural integrity and durability of the wooden floor by filling all gaps and ensuring a flawless surface, improving the appearance of the floor by creating an even and uniform surface, increasing the insulation properties of the floor.

A professional gap filling service sounds great. However, sometimes the problem with gaps is not that serious at all and professional help is really not needed. In such cases, saving your money is a good idea and you can totally DIY the project and achieve some great results. Even without any previous experience or particular skills and knowledge, gap filling is one of the very few wood floor treatments that are absolutely possible as a DIY project and does not strictly require professional and experienced help and assistance. In order to achieve the best results with all the smaller and finer gaps, you need to use the right products for the job. In this article, you can find out more about some of the most popular products for gap filling offered on the market internationally and learn what you would like to use for your next DIY project. 

Bona Gap Master Filler

Bona Gap Master FillerBona Gap Master Filler is a silicone-free mastic designed for filling in gaps between wooden floorboards, parquet blocks, around skirting boards, door thresholds, etc. The product can also be used for spot repair of small damages, including filling in cracks in the floor. Bona Gap Master Filler is based on polyurethane and acrylate and can be sanded and covered with a wood floor finish. The product is odourless and contains no solvents, retains a high degree of flexibility. Bona Gap Master Filler is available in a wide range of colours and shades to match every wood species and colour of wood floor. Choose from Maple, Ash, Oak Dark, Beech Light, Beech Dark, Cherry, Nut, Teak, Wenge, Bog Oak, Black, Grey, Oak Light, Red Exotic Wood, White, and more.

Unika Colour Sealant

Unika Colour SealantThis product is a water-based acrylic gap filler that can be used for both hardwood and laminate floors. It is a great and high-quality product for filling in gaps between the floorboards, skirting boards, thresholds, etc. Unika Colour Sealant has a high level of flexibility, which allows the floorboards to expand and contract without affecting the filler, the stability of the floor, the condition of the floorboards. The product is available in a wide range of colours which allows you to find the perfect match to the colour of your floor and the finish. Once the filler is dry, it can be covered with a wood floor stain and finish.

QuickStep Kit

QuickStep KitThis elastic, acrylic-based paste by QuickStep is designed for filling in gaps and cracks in vinyl floors, especially those manufactured by the brand QuickStep. The product is also a great solution for all spots where skirting boards and profiles cannot be installed. QuickStep Kit is available in a wide range of matching colours that perfectly match your QuickStep vinyl floor.

Jenkins Resin Joint Wood Floor Filler

Jenkins Resin Joint Wood Floor FillerJenkins Resin Joint Wood Floor Filler comes in clear and can be used for mixing with the sawdust collected after the wood floor sanding process. The mixture is then applied so it fills in the gaps between the wooden floorboards. Thanks to the fact that the sawdust from sanding the floor is used, the mixture will have the exact colour match and ensure an even and flawless look on the surface of the floor. The solvent-based clear resin by Jenkins has a very short drying cycle and will become hard in just half an hour. 

Junckers BaseFill Filler

Junckers BaseFill FillerLooking for a fast-drying wood floor filler? This solvent-based on, Junckers BaseFill Filler, is your best choice. Make sure to mix the product with sawdust after sanding for achieving a perfect colour match to the rest of the floor and a flawless and sleek look. The product is suitable for filling in gaps up to two mm wide. The product is suitable for all sanded and untreated wooden floors and all wood species, including exotic ones.

Bona Mix and Fill Joint Filler

A gap filling solution provided by the international leader on the market, Bona, Mix and Fill Joint Filler is a product designed to be mixed with the fine sawdust after sanding for a perfect colour match to the rest of the floor. The product can be used for all wood floor gaps up to two mm in wideness and other smaller defects in wooden floors. The product can be used with all types of finishes and oils. The product is odourless and free of solvents, waterborne, anti-corrosive.