The Most Popular Flooring Options for Restaurants

When it comes to choosing the best flooring option for your business venue, be it a hotel, restaurant, or a pub, there are many things you should consider. Choosing a residential floor is a process with many aspects, however, when it comes to a commercial floor, these aspects are much different. Therefore, if you have experience with choosing a domestic floor and you are proud of your choice, but don’t have any idea what differs a domestic floor from a commercial one, we hope we can help you with this guide to the top flooring choices for a restaurant.

When opening a new restaurant in town, or planning a renovation project of an already existing one, there are so many things worth planning. One of them being, of course, the right type of flooring. It may seem like an interior design aspect with not a significant priority, however, you will be surprised how important the right type of restaurant flooring is and how much it can contribute to the success of your restaurant business. Therefore, you don’t want to neglect this choice and you want to approach it the right way.

First of all, many people will think of the visual and aesthetic aspect, when considering a new restaurant floor. Of course, you want to choose a floor that matches perfectly the overall style and atmosphere of the restaurant. To achieve this synergy of styles, you want to think of the feel, atmosphere, and ambience you want to create, how people will feel about the restaurant, even the style of the menu. Based on this concept, you are bound to choose a floor that will organically blend into the entire picture and not create a distracting contrast.

After all, a restaurant is more than a business venture and it has its specific requirements when it comes to the interior. Don’t forget that for your clients, your restaurant is more than a place to satisfy hunger. It is an experience, a place to socialize and meet with family, friends, or business partners, the place, where they will celebrate important moments in their lives, the place they will share or receive important news, the place, where they can work, spend their free time, make important decisions. Your restaurant will house many of the important moments in the lives of your clients, therefore, when designing it, you should be aware of many of the psychological and mental aspects involved. You want to create a place, where everyone will feel welcomed and cosy, a place that will sharpen their appetite and make them feel good. Believe it or not, the right type of flooring will contribute a lot to creating this specific sort of place.

Restaurant wooden flooring

Secondly, when choosing the right restaurant floor, you should consider other aspects such as functionality, convenience, safety, etc. You want a durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting flooring option that will experience all the high traffic and heavy footfall without getting easily damaged. You want a floor that will ensure a lot of safety and also good insulation. Last but not least, you want a floor that is easy-to-maintain and keeps extremely clean and visually appealing. At the end of the day, a restaurant floor is an investment that is crucial to your profits, this is why it is worth taking your time to consider all the best options available. With so many flooring types, options, and alternatives on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the wide choice. Therefore, today we provide you with a few ideas for top choices of restaurant flooring.

Commercial VS Residential Flooring

As we have already mentioned, there are some major differences when choosing the right floor for your home or a commercial project. These differences will determine your choice. When it comes to commercial flooring, you are looking for options that are slip-resistant and as less accident-prone as possible. To make sure your restaurant is as less risk-prone as possible, you should also stay away from the floor coverings that are inflammable. Finally, considering the high traffic expected, you should go for a flooring option that is very durable and hard-wearing. Remember that floor repairs can cost a lot and such projects will disrupt your business too.

Real Wood Flooring

There are many characteristics of real wood flooring that make it the perfect choice for a restaurant. First of all, with its natural beauty, it can suit the aesthetics of a place that is designed to feel cosy and welcoming, such as a restaurant. Real wood is a great design choice for a wide number of interior styles, from cutting-edge modern to cute, cosy, family-owned little restaurants. Real wood floors look very elegant and professional, creating a setting with a homey feel at the same time. They come in a really impressive variety of colours, styles, patterns, textures, and finishes and can perfectly match any sort of interior and concept. Also, real wood floors are great for restaurants thanks to their durability and long-lasting power. Such floors are very strong and stable. They may be scratch-prone, but with the right hard-wearing finish and regular sanding service, you can ensure a smooth and uniform surface with no imperfections. Wood floors are naturally hygienic and a regular but very simple cleaning routine will maintain them in great condition.

Laminate Flooring

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Laminate can also be a perfect choice for a restaurant. Designed to mimic real wood floors, this man-made product can also bring a lot of style and class to the place. Laminate floors are beautiful and come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so you can easily find a perfect fit for the entire interior concept of the place. Furthermore, they are very durable and strong, have good lasting power, they are significantly less prone to scratches, stains, and other minor imperfections compared to real wood flooring.

Laminate floors resist fading of the colour and wearing out very good, which means your clients will be able to enjoy a floor that looks like brand new for a very long time. Cleaning laminate is easy and effortless and doesn’t require too much of elbow grease and time. Finally, laminate flooring is a budget-friendly option and comes at a significantly lower price compared to other flooring alternatives.

Tile Flooring

It is not a secret for anyone that tile flooring is a very suitable choice for places that experience high traffic, also for kitchens and other areas, where perfect hygiene is required and cleaning should be easy and quick. Ceramic tiles are very easy to keep clean and maintain spotless. Also, this flooring option guarantees great durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power. It's a very strong flooring option, ceramic tiles also come in a great variety of designs and colours and you can easily find the offer that will look great when installed in your restaurant. However, keep in mind that tiles are prone to cracks when something substantial in weight is dropped on top of the floor, which is a type of accident that can happen a lot in a restaurant.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Forget about the bad reputation of vinyl flooring from the past. Modern-day luxury vinyl flooring is not tacky and low-quality. LV floors are now available in a few different options, including in the form of tiles, planks, or sheets, and you can choose the best one depending on the specifics and needs of your restaurant. Designed to mimic perfectly natural materials such as wood or stone, or available in more artistic and eccentric styles and designs, vinyl flooring is a very good option for a restaurant. LV floors are very durable and hard-wearing, perfect for high-traffic areas. Also, they are stress-resistant, so don’t expect any scratches, stains, marks from abrasion, cracks, or any other sorts of imperfections. Luxury vinyl floors allow a wide variety of aesthetic ideas and come as a budget-friendly alternative to real wood, stone, and even laminate flooring.

Stone Flooring

It may not be the most popular option due to its specifics and its higher price, however, stone floors are yet another option worth considering. In certain settings, stone floors are simply the best and most unique option in the context of aesthetics. They are an elegant choice that can make any place look very luxurious and classy. Real stone floors are naturally very durable and hard-wearing. With natural texture, stone floors also ensure an anti-slip surface with a grip that is ideal for restaurants and kitchen areas.