What Type of Flooring Can Fit Almost All Projects

There are so many types of flooring on the market nowadays. It is safe to say that we are spoilt of choice when choosing a new floor. So much to the point that it often feels overwhelming to choose the right type of flooring for your home or commercial setting. Thankfully, it is not necessarily to always feel challenged when making this important choice between different types of floors, because some types of flooring are actually really versatile and suitable for all sorts of projects. These types of flooring come with a number of benefits and advantages and they can look amazing and bring a lot of comfort and durability wherever they are installed. Well, almost wherever. Let’s have a look at the most versatile type of flooring and why you might want to choose them for your home or office.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooringEngineered wood is an advanced and versatile type of flooring. It is made out of real wood materials and products just like solid wood floors. However, what differs it from solid wood flooring is that engineered wood floorboards are significantly less prone to water and moisture damage. Thanks to their specific structure of crisscrossed layers glued together, engineered wood flooring do not expand and shrink as excessively due to the impact of moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations like the solid wood floorboards.

This means that you can opt for having an engineered wood floor installed in your kitchen, even basement or bathroom and enjoy the timeless beauty, elegance, and aesthetic of real wood. In addition, engineered wood floors are also very durable and hard-wearing, which makes them a great choice for high-traffic and busy, even commercial areas.

Finally, engineered wood floorboards are available in a wide range of wood species, colours, grades, textures, finishes, and what not. There is practically the right style and aesthetic for every project, no matter the interior design, no matter if it comes to a more traditional and classic setup or a modern and contemporary interior. 

Antique Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Now, we know we have mentioned that solid wood flooring is prone to water and moisture damage. Reclaimed wood floors are usually solid wood floors. However, keep in mind that reclaimed wood is actually a more versatile and durable product than a new solid wood floor.

Antique reclaimed wood flooringFirst of all, reclaimed wood floors are sourced from old buildings and places where wood has been used for the interior and exterior. You can assume that this is wood that has been through a lot for many years and is still in perfect condition, which means that reclaimed wood floorboards can withstand a lot and they have passed the test of time. Reclaimed wood floorboards are acclimatized to all sorts of environments, which makes them really durable and hard-wearing.

In addition, the antique look of this type of real wood flooring is very versatile and attractive. It is not only so beautiful and charming that it can easily complement all sorts of interiors and styles. This antique look is also very forgiving and makes the floorboards easy to maintain. Since the reclaimed wood floorboards already look well-loved and part of the history of the home, a few new scratches and marks here and there are not an issue and they even add so much more character to the floor. There is no need to constantly clean and scrub your floor to perfection, as the look of reclaimed wood floorboards helps a lot for camouflaging a bit of dirt and dust here and there.