Choose the Right Wood Flooring for Small Rooms

Choose the right wood flooring for small roomsDecorating and choosing the interior for a small space could be quite a challenge. You want to make the place look and feel amazing, but then again, there is a risk of cluttering the room and make it look overcrowded and too cluttered. It is not even needed to put a lot of decoration and furniture pieces inside. Even something as simple as choosing the wrong flooring or colour palette can easily make you feel like there is not enough "air" in the room. Therefore, when you are decorating a small room, you definitely can benefit from a few professional recommendations.

Choosing the best flooring for a small room definitely takes some time and consideration. You want to choose a functional and comfortable floor, but at the same time, you also want to get the right floor design and style that will complement the space and make it feel larger and airier. At the end of the day, flooring is among the most important elements for every room, therefore, you want to choose wisely and invest your hard-earned money into the best floor. When it comes to wood flooring, we are all truly spoilt of choice. So many colours, grades, designs, textures, finishes and so on of solid wood flooring are available on the market. However, not all of them would be suitable for a small space. Naturally, you may feel overwhelmed and confused with so much choice and variety on the market. This article is dedicated to providing you with some handy guidelines when you are choosing a real wood floor for a small room.


A smart way to make a small room appear more spacious and airier is by enhancing the natural lighting in the given room. In general, small spaces tend to be darker compared to more open and larger areas. Therefore, it is very important to choose a floor design and colour that will make space feel and look lighter. This can be easily achieved by choosing a wooden floor in a lighter colour. It could be either achieved by wood species that are naturally light and not treated with dark stains and paints. However, thanks to the technical development of the wood flooring industry, some medium-coloured wood species can be treated and stained to appear as light as white. In addition, choosing a glossy finish that reflects the natural light coming from the windows of the room will add extra lightness and airiness to the room.

Think About Size

Real wood floorboards are available in different widths. The main reason to thoroughly consider the floorboard width you are about to choose and purchase is that wood floorboard widths can significantly affect the way the room looks and feels. When it comes to a small room, you definitely want to minimise the effect of business and the feeling of cluttered space and the right floorboard width can help you achieve that. Just make sure to choose a floor with wider planks. To make the room appear spacious, make sure to have the planks installed following the direction of the natural light coming from the main window in the room. Don't forget to think about proportion and make sure to balance the size of the hardwood floorboards for an optimal look. It is very important to not overdone it all, otherwise, you risk still making the room feel and look too engaged and cluttered even with wide planks. Also, make sure to avoid a lot of colour variation and the use of multiple colours for the same reason - this will make the room feel too cluttered too. 

Choose the Right Finish

There are different types of finishes with different effects and looks available on the market. However, as we have already mentioned, a glossy finish is the right choice for the floor of a small room as it will reflect natural light and the light coming from other sources of light in the room and it will make the room appear more spacious and larger. Just imagine how mirrors and mirrored surfaces work for small spaces. Well, a glossy finish achieves the same effect.