Cleaning Tips for Laminate Flooring

How to best clean your laminate floorsLaminate flooring is a modern floor covering that allows you to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home interior, at an affordable price for all budgets. Perfect in the small kitchen as in the other rooms of your home, it is indeed both cost-effective and very reliable. With its shiny appearance, laminate flooring gives elegance and modernism to any interior. Another significant advantage is that removing a stain from a laminate floor is not that difficult. However, in order to avoid damaging the protective layer, it is necessary to ensure that this task is properly tailored.

How to clean laminate flooring easily?

First of all, a few tips to avoid unpleasant surprises with your new laminate flooring that looks great. As the main source of scratches comes mainly from tiny gravel that gets caught under shoes, rugs in front of entrances are highly recommended. Similarly, you can limit the damage by installing felt pads under the legs of your furniture. Furthermore, as with other wooden floors, you must dust your laminate parquet periodically using a traditional broom or the stiff brush of a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean your laminate flooring without leaving streaks?

The routine maintenance of the laminate floor can be carried out with the greatest peace of mind with a microfiber broom and a tiny bit of water or a damp mop, without any product. Indeed, as wood and water do not really go well together, while it is not forbidden to use a wet mop to clean your parquet floor, you will have to take all your precautions and wring well so that your fabric is barely damp. Similarly, in the simplest way possible, why not sweep or vacuum every day to clean your lovely wooden floor? The beauty and cleanliness of your interior are worth the effort!

How to clean your laminate floor that is too dirty?

If your laminate is very dirty, then it requires a little more maintenance. It's time to take out of the drawers our classics that work almost every time: the favourite household duo, baking soda, and its faithful friend white vinegar. The recipe is quite simple and you shall observe the benefits on your laminate flooring: dilute 5 tablespoons of water with a glass of white vinegar and half a glass of baking soda. Don't be heavy-handed with the vinegar, it could damage the protective coating of your floor.

Another little secret already used to restore shine to house tiles is potato water. It also has very good degreasing properties. Be careful, these types of cleaning must remain exceptional. Remember to rinse with a damp microfiber mop. Finally, all you have to do is wipe with a clean, dry mop to finish the job perfectly.

How to clean and give new life to your laminate flooring?

Here we are going to offer you two products that should help you restore the shine to your laminate floor. That's what you wanted, right? The first is Unika Easyshine Laminate Cleaner, which enables you to clean varnished wood floors and laminate floors safely, with no build-up of polish. It dries to a sparkling shine. It is normally sold in a 500 ml spray-on bottle. The second is Bona Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner are specially formulated, convenient, ready to use, pH neutral, a spray-on cleaner that is also suitable for hard floors. The special "non-smear" formulation leaves no build-up of sticky residue whilst effectively cleaning the toughest of dirt and grime. Don't thank us, you have everything you need to make your laminate flooring shine.

How to remove stains and scratches from your laminate flooring?

Despite all your precautions, stains can persist over time. How to make them disappear without harming the finish of the laminate floors? Here we have several solutions to study on a case-by-case basis. Lemon juice, a cork, or a cloth soaked in alcohol should erase ink stains. For water stains, which are also very common, we recommend linseed oil on a cloth.

What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring offers a number of key features that have made a huge hit throughout the years. Indeed, it has become a popular flooring due to three primary benefits: a wide range of possible varieties of parquet on the market, ease of installation, and, of course, an unbeatable price.

Laminate flooring: a multitude of choices

You will not believe your eyes when choosing your laminate flooring. Indeed, you will have a vast range of different imitations to choose from, ranging from wood to tiles. Laminate flooring consists of wood fibres with a decorative top layer that allows imitations to be manufactured at unbeatable prices.

Laminate flooring: easy installation

Do you have some fears about installing your own laminate flooring? You are wrong because laminate flooring does not require any special technical skills. Its installation is very easy. You will need the following tools: a square, a tape measure, a knocking wedge, and a jigsaw to install (without glue) a click system. However, if you are not exactly the handyman type of person, do not hesitate to contact professionals.

Laminate flooring: an affordable price

After the practical considerations, let us turn our attention to the economic aspects, which are not insignificant. Because it meets all the criteria, the search for quality at the best price has made laminate flooring on the rise in recent years. It is a very affordable product and is therefore well-positioned on the market in comparison to its competitors. As a result, it's an amazing way to update your modern interior without breaking the bank!