Wooden Decking Cleaning & Maintenance

Wooden decking is a great choice that adds a lot of elegance, style, comfort, and functionality to every outdoor space of every home. If you are lucky enough to have enough outdoor space around your home or in the backyard, make sure to choose a wooden decking for your next project. However, if you already have wooden decking, you know all the advantages and benefits of the natural wooden material. Wood decking is made out of wood entirely, similarly to a wooden floor inside the house, but the wood species chosen for manufacturing of an outdoor wooden decking are usually different than those chosen for indoor use.

When it comes to wooden decking, it should be designed in a way that not only looks beautiful and ensures a lot of comfort and functionality, but also can guarantee hard-wearing, long-lasting power, and durability that can withstand everything the outdoor environment can bring. As you already know, one of the biggest enemies of an indoor wooden floor are moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. While a wooden floor will be carefully protected in order to prevent issues caused by these, an outdoor wooden decking will probably experience them on a daily basis, therefore it should be designed in a way to withstand everything and be resistant to moisture issues, water damages, etc. Part of this is achieved by the specific manufacturing of wooden decking. However, a very crucial role in the process is played by proper and regular maintenance. In this article, we will explore more about how you should properly look after your wooden decking.

Wooden Decking Cleaning, Maintenance, Protection

Osmo Wood Reviver Power GelWith warmer days just around the corner, naturally, you would like to spend more time outdoors. However, it won’t be as enjoyable if your wooden decking is not prepared for the summer days. Now it is about the right time to take care of the dirty, tired-looking, and neglected during the winter months wooden decking in your home. What to do? As easy as that, wood flooring professionals will recommend just one product that is powerful enough to make your wooden decking squeaky clean, restore its original beauty and elegant appearance, and ensure the best protection. It’s all about Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel.

This innovative and powerful product by Osmo helps you restore the beauty and improve the quality of your wooden decking after the long and unforgiving winter months when this outdoor area was exposed on rain, snow, wind, and more. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a powerful cleaning agent that is designed to clean and take care of untreated or oiled wooden decking and other pieces of garden furniture. The product does not only remove stubborn dirt and stains, but also helps the wooden surface to become resistant to further soiling, water, and wear and tear, as well as the effect of direct sunlight. Forget about the weathered and tired look of your wooden decking, Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel will take proper care and restore wood’s original colour and its intensity.

For best results when using Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel make sure to:

  • Dampen the surface with water first
  • Apply Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel with a brush
  • Leave the product to soak into the wooden surface for twenty to thirty minutes
  • The deep-penetrating formula will do its magic meanwhile
  • Use a scrubber or a bristled brush and plenty of water to scrub away all the dirt and soil from the surface of your wooden decking

You Don’t Even Need a Pressure Washer

Deck cleaning products by Osmo are so powerful that you don’t even need to invest in and use a pressure washer in order to clean your decking to perfection. Osmo deck cleaning products does not cut it when it comes to heavily soiled and dirty decking. Thanks to the powerful formula, the products are aggressive enough to remove even the most stubborn dirt and soil while gentle enough to the wooden surface and adding extra protection.

Osmo Decking Cleaner is yet another innovative formula by the wood flooring leading brand that is designed to take care and clean wooden decking on a daily basis and in case of stubborn dirt. The product comes with the unique formula of concentrated dilution that is suitable for use for both untreated and oil finished wooden decking and also wooden garden furniture pieces. Osmo Decking Cleaner is easy to use and ensures flawless results. Just mix with water and use a scrubber or a bristled brush to scrub all the dirt and soil away. To make things even better, Osmo Decking Cleaner makes the wooden deck surface resistant to further soiling and water.

Restore the Weathered Wooden Deck

Extensive sun exposure is known for strongly affecting the condition and appearance of wood. The UV rays penetrate into the wood’s structure, even when the decking is finished. In a long term, the UV rays affect the structure of the wooden decking and also make the original colour of the wood species fade away, giving the decking a weathered, tired, and old appearance. For sure, you don’t want all this to happen to our favourite wooden decking. What to do in order to prevent such issues or restore the original beauty and durability of the wooden decking once it has been strongly affected by the UV rays? As easy as that, simply use the innovative formula of the powerful cleaning agent Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel.

Besides cleaning the deck to perfection, this product is also designed to refresh and restore weathered exterior wood. By deeply penetrating into the wood’s structure. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is ensuring protection and care not only on the surface of the deck but also from within. Flawless results are visible after just half an hour, while the application of the product is easy and does not require elbow grease and time. Just use a brush to generously apply the product and you are done.

Here is how to apply Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel step-by-step:

  • Dampen the decking’s surface with water
  • Apply the product generously with a brush
  • Leave it for twenty minutes, the powerful formula will quickly soak into the wood’s structure
  • Use plenty of water and a scrubber or a bristled brush to scrub away all residue and dirt

If you don’t see the results you are expecting, make sure to repeat the whole process. Two days later the wooden decking can be finished with clear or tinted oil for additional protection against the effect of the UV rays.

The Best Protection for Wooden Decking

Now, you have used the above-mentioned products to ensure your wooden decking is flawlessly clean and its initial beauty and glory are restored. Now, what to do in order to prolong the effect of the products and ensure extra protection for the decking? The best solution is finishing the decking with oil in order to retain its beauty against further weathering and soiling.

The worldwide leader in the industry Osmo is offering a wide range of decking oils and sealants that will help you protect your decking from the impact of the environment and outdoor conditions, including sun exposure, UV rays, water, soiling.

You can choose a clear oil finish and allow the original colour of the decking to be enhanced further or go for a tinted oil option and change the original colour, make it more intensive or give it a fresh new look. Osmo Decking Oil is a high-quality product that ensures lasting and hard-wearing protection for wooden decking with a beautiful and easy-to-maintain satin finish. The product makes the deck resistant to water and dirt. For a slip-resistant decking surface, Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil is recommended as a second coat which is very water-resistant and dirt repellent. The microporous finish is based on natural vegetable oils and allows the wood to breathe and helps regulate the moisture content reducing swelling and shrinkage, the finish will not crack, flake, peel or blister.