How to Always Enjoy a Beautiful Wood Flooring

Wood floors are naturally beautiful. They look luxurious and give every space a twist of prestige and glamour. Wood floors are elegant, stylish, modern and classic at the same time. In fact, we don’t believe there is someone not enjoying the appearance and the attractiveness of wood flooring, no matter if it comes to solid wood, engineered wood, or the parquet floor patterns. In addition, there are so many different wood species, colours, textures, patterns, grains, finishes, and so much more available on the market that even the pickiest customer can find the exact match to their preferences, requirements, and needs.

One of the biggest advantages of real wood flooring is the fact it can look like brand new even after years of everyday use and high traffic. You can achieve that by either following a regular, proper and strict wood floor maintenance and cleaning routine. Alternatively, wood floor sanding and refinishing are among the most popular professional services and treatments for real wood floors. Both services are designed to refresh the look of older and distressed wood floors, improve the condition and minimize the risks of major problems coming from minor issues and imperfections, restore the floor to its initial beauty, glam, and durability. The wood floor service is dedicated to removing the old top layer of worn finish and preparing the bare wood surface for the application of fresh layers of finishing and sealing product, which is known as wood floor refinishing. Indeed, both services can achieve wonders and make even the saddest, tired, and dull floor looks as it has been just installed a couple of days back.

The advantages and benefits of wood floor sanding and refinishing are undoubted. However, wood floor sanding and refinishing can also be stressful services causing a lot of hassle and disruption to your day-to-day life. There is no doubt that the wood flooring industry is progressing with every new day and methods of treating and improving the condition of real wood floors are getting better and more innovative. Still, no matter the progress of the industry, wood floor sanding and refinishing still require some time, energy, and money. Such services may not be within your budget for the home improvement project of the year. However, your wooden floor clearly needs some care and attention. So what to do now?

Fresh It Up

Bona freshen upThe truth is, not all wood floors that look worn and old are in need of a wood floor sanding and refinishing services. In fact, sometimes a high-quality and deep caring product can do the job and provide you with the results you are going for with your wonderful wooden floor. Sometimes, the cause for the aged and tired look of the wooden floor is the fact that the finish needs some extra care and attention, something a bit more than your weekly cleaning routine. A great product that can provide you with a quick fix of the worn look of the finish without all the hassle, stress and disruption of a wood floor sanding service is Bona Freshen Up.

The world-renowned wood flooring maintenance company Bona is famous for the quality of its products and the amazing variety of different wood floor maintenance and cleaning products it offers on the international market. There is no wonder why so many people opt for wood floor products by Bona. With innovative formulas and pioneering conceptions, most of the wood floor maintenance products by Bona allow you to refresh and restore the original beauty of your wooden floor without extra services and treatments. Bona Freshen Up is a waterborne maintenance product that is designed to be used on a frequent basis, whenever you feel like your floor can enjoy a bit of care and attention.

The product is easy to use and apply, therefore it is a great option for a weekend DIY project and you don’t have to pay for additional services and hire a team of experts to do the job for you. Bona Freshen Up can be applied on all types of finished real wood floors. It is designed to protect the wear layer of the floor. With its amazing longevity and high traffic and wear resistance, Bona Freshen Up is an ideal solution for both domestic and commercial floors. It will give every sad and tired floor a new shine and lustre.

Additional Care for Oiled and Waxed Floors

Bona wax oil refresherThere are different wood floor finishes available on the market and each of them has its benefits and advantages. The main advantage of wax and oil finishes is the fact you can simply refresh them without sanding. Improve the protective power and beauty of the natural wax or oil finish by recoating with a new layer of the same type of finish or by using products designed to restore the finish such as Bona Wax Oil Refresher.

This innovative and high-quality product by Bona falls into the category of maintenance products for wood floors and is easy to use and apply even by people with no previous experience and DIY-ers. Bona Wax Oil Refresher has a very rapid drying time and you can use your wooden floor very soon after application, which ensures additional comfort and convenience. The product has a low solvent content and has a low smell, which makes it perfect even for households with young children and pets. In fact, Bona Wax Oil Refresher is absolutely safe to use on children’s toys and countertops in your kitchen.

Polish that Look

Everyone dreams of a wooden floor with a sleek, polished, and put-together look. Now it is easier than ever to achieve that look for your wooden floor without investing in sanding and refinishing. All you need is Bona Polish, a waterborne maintenance product by the leading and internationally renowned brand. Bona Polish is created for additional care and coating for varnished real wood floors.

The product preserves the original look and beauty of your floor and ensures long-lasting and hard-wearing protection against wear and tear and other imperfections and issues. The new polyurethane-enhanced formula of the product is ideal for creating an extremely durable and protective surface for all types of real wood floors. The product is available in two options – matte finish for easy maintenance and camouflaging of all scratches and dents and gloss finish for classic elegance and sophisticated beauty.