How to Maintain Your Oiled Wood Flooring

How to take proper care of oiled wood floorsOil finishes for wood floors gain more and more popularity in recent years. It is due to the natural and organic beauty they ensure for every wooden floor. Oil finishes allow the natural beauty, pattern and colour of the wood species to peak through the finish, they enhance and amplify this natural appearance and elegance. Oil finishes are the perfect choice for your wooden floor if you are desiring to achieve an organic, minimalistic, natural, and even rustic interior style. In addition, oil finishes nourish the wood and take care of it besides beautifying the floor and protecting it.

Oil finishes are a penetrating type, which means they do not only create a protective layer on the surface of the floor but also penetrate into wood's porous structure and ensure durability and hard-wearing power from within. However, one of the reasons why some people decide to not go for an oil finish is the fact they are a bit less long-lasting than the classic lacquer or varnish.

Some people assume that oil finishes tend to wear off quicker which can be the truth in case the floor is exposed on a lot of high traffic and use but you don't follow the right upkeep routine for the oil finish. Therefore, today we would like to discuss more how to properly take care of oiled wood floors and what are the right products to use in order to ensure the long-lasting and hard-wearing power of the oil finish.

How to Take Care of Oiled Wood Floors

Regular and proper cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors are the best way to ensure the floor and the finish will last for longer and look flawless. Following the proper routine will allow you the opportunity to enjoy your oiled wood floor looking fresh and very beautiful. 

Dusting and Cleaning Oiled Wood Floors

Thankfully, a regular and proper routine for cleaning an oiled wood floor does not require too much time, energy, money, or elbow grease. The main goal here is removing all the dust and dirt before they leave micro-scratches on the surface of the floor. Therefore, make sure to regularly vacuum the floor or clean it with a broom with soft bristles. When using the vacuum machine, use the attachment that is designed for hardwood floors and minimize the risk of leaving scratches and dents. Mopping the floor every now and then is great.

Just make sure the mop is just slightly damp, no dripping water, as liquids can easily damage the wood. If you decide to add a cleaning product to the mopping part, always make sure to choose one that is specially designed for hardwood floors. Such products contain a neutral pH, which is gentle to the finish and won't wear it off. Spills and splashes of food and drinks should be removed as soon as you notice them in order to prevent water damage and permanent stains. 

Oiled Wood Floors Maintenance

For more in-depth and thorough maintenance of oiled wood floors, make sure to invest in a high-quality special oil product that is designed to maintain and nourishing of wood and refreshing of the finish. Such product will keep your floors looking great, nourish them, and enhance the durability of the original oil finish. Some product even contains water-resistance properties, which is a great solution to oiled floors that are fitted in areas and rooms, where you can expect splashes and spills, such as the kitchen. 

Choose the Right Products for Oiled Wood Floors

Here we present you to a list of some of our top picks when it comes to proper maintenance and upkeep of oiled wood floors:

Bona Cleaner Spray for Oiled Floors

Bona Cleaner Spray for Oiled FloorsLooking for an effective and very high-quality cleaner for your oiled wood flooring? One of the best offers and solutions comes from Bona. Bona Cleaner Spray for Oiled Floors provides the proper upkeep and cleaning of this type of finish and additionally nourishes wood. The product ensures great and long-lasting protection of the floor. The spray bottle ensures easy and convenient use. 

WOCA Oil Refresher Natural For Oiled Wood Floor

WOCA Oil Refresher Natural For Oiled Wood FloorOne more great offer by WOCA. WOCA Oil Refresher Natural For Oiled Wood Floor is designed for everyday cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. The innovative formula of this product combines efficient cleaning of the floor along with re-oiling and refreshing of the finish. The product creates a matt protective layer on top of the floor while it also penetrates into wood's structure and adds durability and nourishment from within too. Choose the Natural option for the product for natural oiled and colour oiled floors and the White version for white oiled floors. 

Blanchon Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floor

Blanchon Natural Soap for Oiled Wood FloorThis product by Blanchon is created and designed for special care and cleaning of oiled wood flooring. It does not simply clean every oiled wood floor to perfection but also restores the protective power of the oil finish. Blanchon Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floor consists of natural and vegetable oils and ingredients, which means it is very powerful and effective but still super safe to use. This is a quick-drying product that is perfect for everyday use, dustproof, ideal for in-depth action and cleaning. 

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

Osmo Liquid Wax CleanerOsmo Liquid Wax Cleaner - specially designed product for in-depth cleaning and maintenance of oil-finished, interior, wooden surfaces including oiled wood floors. The powerful formula is suitable for removing stubborn dirt while at the same time it nourishes wood. Easy and quick application. 

Bona Soap/Cleaner for Oiled Floors

Bona Soap/Cleaner for Oiled FloorsBona Soap is designed as the most efficient, high-quality cleaner for oiled wood floors. Thanks to the neutral pH of the cleaning product, Bona Soap won't damage or wear off the oil finish and it is suitable for regular use. The product does not only clean the floor effectively but also nourishes the wood and improves the water repellency of the floor and the finish.

Bona Wax Oil Refresher

Bona Wax Oil RefresherBona Wax Oil Refresher is one more product by Bona ensuring efficient and lasting maintenance of oiled wood floors. The product ensures rapid drying time and easy and quick application. It has a very low solvent content and it is absolutely safe to use. 

WOCA Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floor

WOCA Natural Soap for Oiled Wood FloorWOCA Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floor is your ideal solution for cleaning and maintaining oiled, waxed, and soaped wood floors. The product does not only clean wooden surfaces effectively but also additionally nourishes and protects them by creating a protective layer on top.